Registered Nurses vs Regular Babysitters: Is It Worth the Extra Money?

Registered Nurses vs Regular Babysitters in the UAE

If you are looking for a babysitter for your family, then you have two main options; a β€œregular babysitter” or a β€œRegistered Nurse”. It is important to understand the difference as the two are vastly different in terms of their qualifications and experience, and their associated cost per hour. This distinction is incredibly important if you have to make an informed decision about which one to choose for your child’s care. If you are unable to decide which type of nanny to hire, we can help you make the decision:

A Registered Nurse:

  • Is a trained and licensed professional with an accredited nursing degree
  • Is registered with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • Is suitable for newborn babies, children with special needs as well as children with illnesses and allergies. You can leave your newborn and special needs children with ease and peace of mind. Β 
  • Is responsible for the full care of the child, including, meal planning and preparation, bathing, chores related to the child, and any communication with you.
  • If your child requires hospital care, a registered nurse provides specialized and limited medical care in in your home environment and offers hands-on support, thus reducing your worry.
  • Is an educated person with experience in private home care for multiple families.

Cost: You can expect to pay in the range of AED 60-80 per hour for a Registered Nurse.

A Standard Babysitter:

  • May or may not have a formal degree in childhood care or education, but has previous experience caring for children.
  • Should be employed by a licensed company in Dubai.
  • Is mainly charged with the safe supervision of your child.
  • Usually have a minimum age requirement of 2 years old.

Cost: You can expect to pay in the range of AED 35-45 per hour for a standard babysitter.

The bottom line is that standard babysitters are the cheaper option but registered nurses are usually better qualified and have direct childcare training. If you are searching for a nurse or babysitter in Dubai, book one nowΒ at ServiceMarket. We work with reliable companies to provide you with the best care for your child. Β Β Β 

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