5 Ideas for a Standout Buffet in Abu Dhabi

Buffet in Abu Dhabi

Planning to throw a big buffet dinner? Has your creativity currently hit a roadblock? We understand – the pressure of arranging an event so that it goes off without a hitch can sap up one’s imagination of its colour. There’s no need to fret – you can always check out our little exposΓ© on the top catering trends in the UAE. But if you’re looking for something more specific, ServiceMarket has put together this list of some quirky yet fun ideas that will make your buffet in Abu Dhabi one that your guests will fondly remember!

Thoroughly Thematic

Of course, we’ve covered all the various themes you can try out for a spectacular yacht party, so why not borrow some of those ideas? A Hollywood extravaganza or a monster mash-up to get your party guests in the right mood will certainly make for interesting online albums and Snapchat stories. Create a menu that goes along with your theme, be it a Parisian ball with authentic French cuisine, or a yacht party with a seafood selection. If you want further ideas, Pinterest has plenty of unique concepts for buffet dinners that you can try out.

Desert Dinner

The UAE offers some of the most interesting geography on the planet – there are bustling megalopolises that seem to be scattered across a wide expanse of nothing but desert. But the best part is the proximity of these majestic sand dunes puts a fun spin to having dessert in the middle of the desert. You can organize a dinner buffet under a canopy of fairy lights when temperatures are pleasantly cool after sunset (the weather is soon to get cooler!). Prop up a tent in the Al-Khaznah Desert between Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain. We’re sure that not everyone can lay claim to eating ice-cream on top of a desert sand dune.

Beach Buffet

If you’re not shy about getting some sand in your shoes, but would also like the soothing sight of the sea when you’re dining with friends, then the beach is the perfect spot to hold a buffet. The Al-Dhafra beach is an especially great spot because it’s perfect for all timings – when there’s still plenty of sunlight, your guests can take a dip in the water. And when evening rolls around, light some tiki torches, sit by a bonfire and munch on a great selection of foods while you sing and laugh with your guests. Or if you prefer a little more organization than a bonfire buffet party, go with a beachside pavilion dinner with a great view of the water. There are hundreds of hotels with access to the seaside that would happily host your event.

Sweet Tooth

No menu is complete without dessert – after all, you haven’t indulged unless you’ve had your share of sugary goodness. And the great thing about them is that they add their own decorative flair to the buffet table. There are plenty of pastry chefs and excellent catering companies in Abu Dhabi that offer the most delectable and beautiful assortment of desserts. Although, we have to warn you that some of those sweet morsels might be too pretty to eat. But at least your Instagram will have a new set of beautiful snaps to delight your followers!


Of course, if deciding a theme, creating a menu, supervising the arrangements and dΓ©cor, and estimating how much cutlery, plates and glasses you would need are too much for you to handle alone, Abu Dhabi isn’t short of excellent buffet restaurants. One can always try out the Pearls & Caviar or the Brasserie Angelique at Jumeriah for a high-end selection of cuisines and classy atmosphere. Or if you’re planning an on-location buffet, get in touch with reputable caterers in Abu Dhabi that can handle both your menu as well as your arrangements.

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