Storage Unit Types and Prices in Qatar

Storage Unit Types

Leaving, moving or just want to declutter your Qatar home? ServiceMarket has a perfect solution for you!

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There are many different life situations that may force you to either downsize your home or pack it up completely and move to a new one. It can be very hard to say goodbye to furniture and other memorabilia – sometimes you don’t need to. Instead you can temporarily store your belongings in a safe and secure storage unit. When moving homes it can be stressful to find another home fast-use storage unit to buy yourself some time.

Think storage unit is expensive? Think again. Here at ServiceMarket, we revealed all the prices for storage units in Qatar.

Ambient Storage

What it is: Ambient storage is an open room with central ventilation system. Your belongings will be placed on a shelf next to someone else’s.


Storage Duration                                                       Price

1-2 Months Storage                                                    QAR 110 per CBM

3-6 Months Storage                                                    QAR  95  per CBM

7-12 Months Storage                                                  QAR  85  per CBM

AC Ventilated, Lockable Storage Unit

What it is: A lockable storage unit is a separate room for you and your belongings that is equipped with an AC.


Storage Duration                                                       Price

1-2 Months Storage                                                    QAR 170 per CBM

3-6 Months Storage                                                    QAR 150 per CBM

7-12 Months Storage                                                  QAR 135 per CBM

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4 thoughts on “Storage Unit Types and Prices in Qatar”

  1. we are going our country from end of february till march. we want a storage place where we can store our 3 items of furniture, tv and some other appliances. can you tell us ur monthly charges and terms and conditions.

    1. Hi Wasik,

      Please visit our website and provide us with details of what you would like to store. Multiple storage companies will then contact you with quotes.


  2. good afternoon, I am looking for a AC ventilated lockable storage unit for 7 – 12 months starting Feb 2017. In Doha could you please provide the phone number and location so I can go and look at the place, and check prices. How much it will be if you do the packaging? please break down all the items that have to be included


    1. Hi Martha,
      Please enter your details on our website. You will then be contacted by storage companies with detailed quotes and further information.

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