Everything You Need to Know About Pool Cleaning Services in Dubai

Pool Cleaning Services in Dubai

When the mercury rises in Dubai, one of the top items on your list should be to get your swimming pool ready as taking a dip is a great way to beat the heat. You might to tempted to tackle pool cleaning on your own, but that’s not a good idea because it is not a straightforward  task. It’s recommended that you hire a pool cleaning service in Dubai to ensure that your swimming pool remains clean, sparkling and hygienic throughout the summer months. This guide by ServiceMarket will help you understand what pool cleaning services include and navigate the process of choosing the right one.

Why you shouldn’t DIY 

While you can tackle some easy tasks like cleaning debris such as leaves that are floating on the surface, and checking the pH and chlorine levels, proper pool cleaning and maintenance involves a lot more than just this. From algae removal to maintaining the swimming pool filters, there are many tasks for which you will need to hire professional pool cleaners. Be mindful of the dos and don’ts of swimming pool cleaning.

Water treatment 

Any pool cleaner in Dubai will tell you that balancing the chemicals in your pool is a very important. Your pool water is probably used by many people and it’s not practical to drain and refill it each time.Therefore, chemicals are required to keep the water hygienic and safe. First, the chemical levels in your swimming pool are tested so that they can be balanced properly. A number of things such as the pH and chlorine levels are checked using a kit and then chemicals are added to the water accordingly. It’s necessary to balance the chemicals in your pool because bacteria and algae can thrive in untreated waters.

Professional pool cleaners go the extra mile  

No amount of chemicals can save a pool if the pump strainer and filters are not clean. The professionals you hire will clean pump strainers, check the pressure of the filters and if required backwash them, the traps and skimmers will also be emptied. All this will ensure that the water in your swimming pool remains clean and hygienic. As part of pool cleaning, the walls, tiles and steps will be brushed. What’s more, they’ll even check the operating equipment to see if there are any usual sounds or leaks. While small adjustments such as valve lightening will be carried out as routine preventive maintenance, you’ll have to pay extra for repairs. 

How much does it cost? 

Contrary to what you might think, regular pool maintenance doesn’t cost a fortune. If you pool is below 5000 gallons, then for just AED 349, they’ll clean your pool twice per week. The cost for pools between 5000 and 10000 gallons is AED 449, and AED 499 for bigger pools. 

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