The Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holidays

The Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holidays

Holidays can either be a stressful or blissful time for you and the family. If you’re planning a move during this period, you might end up feeling the former. You don’t have to take on this burden alone! From movers and packers to storage units, there are plenty of services that can lighten the load. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together some of the pros and cons of moving during the holidays.

The pros of moving during the holidays

  • You won’t need to take time off:Β Whether you work or go to school, moving during the holidays means you can use official days off for the move. You probably already have a limited number of vacation days at work or university that you don’t want to waste whatever precious time you have on something tedious like shifting homes. Try to time the moving day near a weekend so you get an extended break to settle in and relax before going back to work.
  • Bonding time:Β Moving during the holidays will bring you and your family members closer to one another. How? Well, if all you’re doing for a whole week is organising your new home, finding a place for everything, and ordering in dinner every night, at the end of the day you and your family will have shared some experiences and made some memories that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

The cons of moving during the holidays

  • It’s not much fun:Β Instead of getting to plan a vacation during the holiday season, you’ll be stuck dealing with movers in Dubai and unpacking your new home the whole time. You might regret choosing this time to relocate while all your friends are off jet setting around the world while you deal with organizing and cleaning.
  • Your kids might complain:Β Children also value vacations, which means they won’t be too happy that they’re working and unpacking while their friends get to relax and play all day. You might hear complaining and bickering from your kids if you don’t schedule enough breaks and fun activities during the week.
  • Moving prices might be higher:Β The good news is that ServiceMarket offers free quotes. The bad news is you might end up paying companies more for moving services in Dubai during the holidays than any other time. Movers and packers will be swamped during this season, which means their prices will rise. You could work around that cost increase by booking earlier in the year if you’re sure of your moving date.

As long as you’ve made the proper arrangements and planned the move from A to Z, you shouldn’t experience any dramatic issues. Even if there are mishaps here and there, don’t forget you have some help in the form of ServiceMarket at every turn. Relax and try to enjoy the holidays, they only come around once a year!

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