How to Throw the Best Buffet in Dubai

Buffet in Dubai

If you’ve set your mind on throwing an excellent buffet party, then there’s no better place than Dubai. With its scenic locations, glittery lights and endless partying options, Dubai seems to have been tailor-made for adding that touch of perfection to just about any event. But even then, a buffet just doesn’t happen on the fly – you need to prepare it down to the T so that it goes off without a hitch. Want to know how to throw an amazing Dubai buffet? Then keep on reading!

Budget wisely

Your buffet can’t happen if you don’t plan for it, and your budget is going to help you set the bounds for how you’re going to go about pulling it off. Set a cap on the most you’re willing to spend on the event and then allocate that money accordingly – for the dΓ©cor, venue rent (if you’re planning to hold the buffet in a restaurant or event hall), catering, utensils and photography. It’s a good idea to prioritise catering and venue rent above everything else. After all, you can’t have a buffet without food and a place to invite people. You can save expenses by opting to hold a buffet party at your home, but be sure to book an excellent catering company in Dubai that can also handle dΓ©cor and other arrangements.


When we say that Dubai has plenty of scenic locations where you can hold a buffet party, you’re probably going to have trouble on picking which one. Your budget and the suitability of the venue will play a big role in helping you make the decision. Go for spacious places that are well within your spending range and also offer wholesome packages – some event halls take care of the lighting, decoration and music so do your research on what places have these perks.If you’re completely out of ideas on where to start, then why not dine under the stars with a beach buffet or a gathering in the desert! After all, you might as well take full advantage of the cooler weather in the upcoming months.

Hire a catering company

Some people make the mistake of saving costs by cooking the dishes themselves and wind up with too much to handle all at once. It would honestly save you more time and money (as well as your sanity) to hire a reputable Dubai catering company to handle the main course while you focus on other things like making the guest list, getting the venue perfect and creating the invites. Catering services live and breathe buffet parties, so they know the best way to utilize space and the placement of dishes so that people don’t have to hunt for spoons or wait in long queues to get their food. Plus, caterers have entire courses already planned out – all you have to do is pick which menu you like the most and leave the rest up to them.

Don’t forget the photographer

But of course, there’s no point in throwing a spectacular buffet party and taking no pictures at all. How else are you going to show all your friends and family back home? A professional Dubai photographer knows the ins and outs of capturing perfect shots and making quality videos of the event. Candids are especially important for any party, and an experienced photographer’s keen senses pick up on the right moments to click beautiful snaps.

So now that you know the formula to throwing a standout buffet in Dubai, it’s time to get cracking. Make your work easier by gaining access to ServiceMarket’s extensive list of the best catering and event management services in Dubai. Visit the site today and get multiple free quotes!

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