5 Tips to Find the Best International Movers in Muscat

International Movers in Muscat

Moving from the UAE to another country can be stressful due to the amount of planning that needs to be done to get everything right. But there are ways to make the process less time-consuming and hassle-free. The key is finding the right international movers and packers in Muscat for your needs. Getting the help of a reliable international moving company to assist you with your move will make a huge difference. This guide by ServiceMarket can help you find the best professional international movers and packers for your move.

Figure out what you need 

Before you start looking for international movers in Muscat, you need to shortlist the moving services you’ll need. This is important because relocation companies offer many different services. Knowing exactly what services you need will make it easier for you to get accurate quotes from international movers.

Look for well-rated companies

Be sure to read online reviews, and only pursue companies that mostly have good customer feedback. Once you find a few international moving companies with positive reviews, try to narrow down the list even more by choosing only the companies with many years of experience in the field. Don’t forget to make sure that reviews are verified and written by real customers. You can read genuine customer reviews online on ServiceMarket. 

Compare estimates

Now it is time to ask each shortlisted international moving company for an estimate for your relocation. The estimate will be prepared after a surveyor from the company visits your home and takes an inventory of your belongings. The estimates that you receive should include the cost and details of each service listed in the quote. Next, compare the estimates to find the best deal.

Check accreditations 

Checking accreditations like FIDI, IAM, and BAR is an easy way to ensure that your belongings reach your new home in good condition. Organizations like FIDI evaluate international movers and packers before allowing them to join. They also carry out periodic assessments to make sure that they continue to adhere to their strict requirements.

Ask about transit insurance and additional costs

Another important service offered by international movers is cargo insurance. You need to find out what the standard insurance covers, who the insurance provider is, and how much it costs before you pay for anything. Ask about the insurance claim process as well, and how long it will take in case something goes wrong. If you need any add-ons to the standard insurance, now is the time to find out if they offer it. 

Finally, ask about any extra services you need and how much each will cost. Do not assume that a small service will not cost much because it may end up being very expensive.

If you are looking for international movers and packers in Dubai, you can hire one on ServiceMarket. With the right resources and some planning, your move from Dubai should go very smoothly. You can avoid delays, additional costs, damages, losses, and hassles by finding the right international movers in Dubai through ServiceMarket.Β