7 Tips for Preparing for the Movers in Dubai

Preparing for the Movers in Dubai

You can never take the amount of precision and planning that goes into moving lightly. From keeping a checklist to booking with the right moving company in Dubai, every decision has to be calculated and every step accounted for or else things can get chaotic. Preparation is key, so we here at ServiceMarket formulated these essential tips that will help you prepare for your movers and make your move as smooth as possible.

1. Insure your belongings

There’s no such thing as perfect and the same goes for your move. You can’t rule out the possibility of some items going missing or getting damaged while being loaded or while on the road. Although unlikely, your old or new home might also get some unwanted scratches when things are being moved about. We highly recommend insuring your home and personal belongings so you’re liable for financial compensation in case something goes awry.

2. Secure your valuables

Moving tends to get pretty chaotic and there’s always the chance that something might get damaged or lost. Before the movers arrive gather anything that’s valuable, like very fragile items, important documents, jewellery, prescribed medicines and the like and separate them. Reputable moving companies will have proper protective wraps and boxes for fragile items, but we recommend keeping items like important documents with you during the move. Clearly label them with β€œNOT TO BE MOVED” so your Dubai movers and packers don’t mistakenly load them with everything else. Designate a space in your home for items that you would prefer to carry yourself so things don’t get mixed up.

3. Measure your doorways

Some items like your bed, cupboards and oven may be too large to fit through your door. Inform your movers beforehand so they can come prepared with the necessary tools and equipment. Don’t try getting heavy furniture and appliances outside yourself as you might risk injury to yourself as well as cause damage to the house and belongings.

4. Pack small items

Tiny items tend to get lost in the chaos and you might wind up discovering them long after you have settled in your new home. Put any small utensils, stationery items, knick knacks, pins, needles and threads, and basically anything that can get easily misplaced into one pile beforehand and ask the moving company to pack them together in a β€œmiscellaneous box”. This way they won’t get crushed when stacked with your bulkier belongings and you will be able to place these bits and pieces in easy to remember places when you get to your new home.

5. Plan for kids and pets

You’ll be focusing your attention on the move itself, which means you won’t be able to properly monitor your kids and pets while stuff is being moved about. Hire a babysitter in Dubai to keep watch over your children for when the movers arrive and start work. As for your pets, isolate them in a separate room or secure them in your yard until everything has been packed and loaded. If possible, leave your pets with a friend or family member who can look after them until you settle in your new home.

6. Prepare for the bare minimum

Moving takes a fair amount of time, and can even take a day or two if there’s a lot that needs to be loaded or if some furniture requires delicate handling. You might prefer to find temporary abode in a hotel or a friends house during the move, but getting organised and preparing a moving bag in advance will save you a lot of time and cut back on stress! Create a bag which contains things like a change of clothes, your toothbrush, wet-wipes, some snacks and water. Have disposable plates, utensils and cups on hand for when you have to eat and make sure that your blankets and pillows are kept in an easily recognisable box so you can easily get to them if your move lasts more than one day.

7. Set aside some money for tips

Moving requires plenty of heavy-lifting, and Β carefully maneuvering your personal belongings and making innumerable trips from your house to the moving truck is not easy work! Be generous and tip your movers for a good job. You will surely make their day!

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