Top 10: The Best Dubai Movers and Packers

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UPDATE: You can find the updated list of the top 10 best Dubai movers and packers in 2017 here!

Since our launch in 2013, we have helped thousands of residents get matched to professional and licensed movers in Dubai. We work with all types of moving companies to make sure we can find the best fit for every type of customers. Our network contains FIDI-accredited movers with global networks, and also small to mid sized local moving companies who are just as professional. We’re very proud to have built a network of over 100 Dubai movers, and also very proud to say that we have collected thousands of verified reviews on our site from customers who have used them.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 movers in Dubai based on ServiceMarket customer reviews that been collected on our site in the last 3 years. You’ll find our Top 10 Moving List to be eclectic – as it includes a small family run business based out of Sharjah and the global shipping company with a personal touch. We’re very honored to have these companies work with us in delivering the highest quality moving service in Dubai.

If you ever need a quote from any of these companies, then leave us a request, and we’ll help you get the best rate from these companies.

The 10 best movers in Dubai:

  1. Twiga MoversΒ (Rated 4.8 out of 5): Twiga Movers is one of the highest rated companies on our list. They have a top notch moving team and use premium quality packing material. Our customers have described them as β€œawesome”, β€œprofessional”, and β€œhighly recommended”.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: The owner personally supervises moves and is extremely hands on.Β  Expect that high-quality service at a slightly higher rate than other movers.

  1. ISS WorldwideΒ (Rated 4.4 out of 5):Β ISS is global moving company, with the highest accreditation from FIDI. They are reliable for any type of move, local or international. Their operations desk is run by the go-getting Abhilash Nair who manages all ISS clients with full attention and care.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: One of the highest quality moving teams in Dubai.Β  Trust their service blindly.Β 

  1. CMG International (Rated 4.6 out of 5): β€œFantastic”, β€œAmazing”, β€œPerfect”, β€œSmooth as Silk” are only a few ways our customers have rated CMG’s moving skills. They offer local and international moving services, and have a storage facility as well.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: Very high quality moving team with premium quality materials.Β  Expect to pay a bit more, but worry a lot less.Β 

  1. SSG Movers (Rated 4.2 out of 5): SSG Movers is a locally run moving company, and despite its small size, is one of the highest rated local moving companies on ServiceMarket. Their moving team has been described by our customers as β€œfantastic”, β€œfriendly”, and β€œaffordable” – a winning combination for someone looking for a reliable mover. SSG can help you move within Dubai, and from Dubai to other Emirates.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: SSG offers movingΒ services at very affordable rates, and is a great choice for any type of move within Dubai.Β 

  1. Safeway International Moving and Shipping (Rated 4.0 out of 5):Β Safeway International can help residents in Dubai and Sharjah with their move. Their team continuously receives reviews that they are on time, professional, efficient and affordable.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: Reliable company, and specialized in moving in Sharjah

  1. PM Movers and Packers (Rated 4.0 out of 5): PM Movers is one of the oldest moving companies in Dubai. They offer local moving, international moving and storage services.Β Β  Their team has often been described as quick and efficient.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip:Β  Has a big team of packers and so will be regularly available. PM Movers also can help with painting and handyman services as well.

  1. Quick MoversΒ (Rated 4.0 out of 5): Azhar, the General Manager, at Quick Movers lives up to the company brand, you will find him to be quick to respond, and his team quick to fulfill the job. Their service has been described as recommended, fast and professional by our customers.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: Quick movers have great rates for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They have discounts available for Emirates employees.Β 

  1. Reef MoversΒ (Rated 4.0 out of 5): This family-run business is a reliable and affordable option for moving in Dubai or Sharjah. Our customers have rated them as β€œexcellent”, β€œperfect”, β€œefficient”.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip: Reasonably priced and reliable option for local moving within Dubai.Β 

  1. Phoenix Worldwide: (Rated 3.9 out of 5): This local company is a one-stop shop that offers local moving, international moving to any destination, and storage. Since they have a relatively large team, you’ll find that they are available regularly to help you move, even on a Friday

ServiceMarket Insider Tip:Β  This company is a one-stop shop, they offer local moving, international moving to any destination, and storage.Β 

  1. Orbit Movers: (Rated 3.8 out of 5): This is one of the oldest moving companies in Dubai. Their team is friendly and very helpful.Β  Their service has been described as β€œprompt”, β€œtimely”, and β€œefficient”.

ServiceMarket Insider Tip:Β  Reasonably priced and reliable option for local moving within Dubai.

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