10 Things to Do Before Your Move in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most popular Emirates in the UAE where you would observe a lot of local moving. If you too are thinking of moving to a new place within the city, the first thing you should do is book movers and packers to make the process simpler for you. 

Apart from choosing the best from the list of movers in Dubai, there are some other things as well which you should keep in mind before moving. You can use the following checklist to help yourself get organized!

1. Book a Moving Company

To make sure you get the best service for the right price, request quotes from multiple movers and packers in Dubai on ServiceMarket. The company will provide you with 5 quotes from different providers within 24 hours and all you’ll have to do is pick one.

When to Do This: 1 – 2 weeks before your move.

Helpful Tip! Be sure to confirm with the moving company you would like to hire a few days in advance to ensure that they’re scheduled to arrive at the time you need (e.g. before work).

2. Transfer Your Du/Etisalat Account  

Carve out some time to head down to your nearest Etisalat or Du center to put in a request to transfer your line. Once you’ve applied for the transfer, the technician will come to your place to connect your line in 2-4 days.

When to Do This: No later than 3 days before your move.

What You Will Need to Bring: Passport copy or Emirates ID copy and a copy of your new tenancy contract.

How Much It Will Cost: AED 100 which will be added to your next bill.

Helpful Tip! You can schedule the Du/Etisalat technician to come to your home on the day of your move to make sure you are connected by the time you move. 

3. Disconnect Your DEWA Account at Your Old Home 

In order to disconnect DEWA, you can either submit the form online or go to the DEWA office directly. You will then receive your final bill, which may take 2-3 days of processing. Once you’ve received the SMS notification that your final bill is ready, you will need to visit the DEWA office and settle your account by paying any outstanding bills and collecting your deposit.

When to Do This: 2-3 days before your move.

What You Will Need: Passport or Emirates ID copy and a previous DEWA bill.

How Much It Will Cost: No charges.

Helpful Tip! When filling out your β€œFinal Bill” form, be sure to specify the exact date of moving out so you still have electricity and water in your old home for the moving, the inspections, and any other maintenance tasks you may need to carry out during the moving process.

4. Connect Your DEWA in Your New Home 

To open a DEWA account, you will need to submit an application form to DEWA which you can find on their online portal or by going directly to the office. When requesting your final bill, you can inform the customer service agent about reconnecting to your new home so you can do it all in one go.

When to Do This: 2-3 days before your move.

What You Will Need: Passport copy, Emirates ID copy, filled out and signed DEWA form, copy of your tenancy contract, 9 digit DEWA premise number which you will find outside your door on the top corner, the title deed to your new home, and your landlord’s passport copy.

How Much It Will Cost: If you are moving into a villa, your DEWA deposit charge will be AED 4000. If you are moving into an apartment, the deposit charge is AED 2000. There is also a DEWA connection charge of AED 100 (small meters) and AED 300 (large meters).  Other charges include:

  • Registration: AED 10
  • Knowledge fee: AED 10
  • Innovation fee: AED 10

5. Apply for Ejari 

To get Ejari, you will need to either visit a typing center or submit an online form.

When to Do This: You can do this after your move – but it’s mandated by law, so don’t delay it indefinitely.

What You Will Need: Passport copy, security deposit receipt, copy of a valid power of attorney document, Emirates ID copy, tenancy contract, DEWA contract and connection receipt, and the title deed.

How Much It Will Cost: AED 195

6. Get a Moving Permit from Your Building 

Some buildings and communities in Dubai require tenants who are moving in and moving out to get moving permits. For example, Emaar buildings require tenants to submit a tenancy contract, Ejari, passport copy, and visa copy, a week in advance before they are issued the permit. This is usually so they can verify if all charges on the apartment such as service fees etc. have been paid. Therefore,  it is best to make sure you and/or your landlord have paid all outstanding charges to avoid delays in moving.

What You Will Need: A stamped/signed authority letter from the building or community management granting you permission to move your things in and out of your place. Talk to your building management or security to find out the detailed processes involved to obtain this NOC.

How Much It Will Cost: No definite cost. You may be required to put a deposit down while you move in or move out. The deposit will be reimbursed once you have settled in.

7. Book a Painter for Your Old Home 

When moving out, you will need to restore your old home to its original condition. This means you will have to get it painted. If you do not wish to paint your old home, your landlord has the right to withhold a portion of the deposit. Due to this, many people opt to get quotes from painting companies themselves so they can get the place painted.

> Be sure to have a look at this infographic to find outΒ the cost of painting services in Dubai.

When to Do This: Schedule this a couple of days before you have scheduled your apartment/villa handover inspection.

8. Schedule a Cleaning Service for Your Old Home  

Another thing you need to do before moving out, which also helps you get your full deposit back is to make sure you get your place cleaned. When discussing this with a cleaning company, be sure to mention if you need a β€œdeep clean” or, a β€œmove-out clean”. These options are slightly more expensive, but include steam cleaning of your bathrooms and kitchen, and deep cleaning of all the cabinets and windows – plus it really makes your place look good as new!

> Find out the difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning.

When to Do This: Schedule this for the day after you’ve gotten your place painted.

How Much It Will Cost: Depending on the size of your home, professional deep cleaning can cost you anywhere between AED 400 – AED 3000. ServiceMarket will give you accurate quotes from cleaning companies in Dubai who offer these services – just paint a picture of your home, and they will figure out the rest!

9. Get Your Deposit Back 

After you have moved out and painted your old place, make sure to get your deposit back in full. No charges should be withheld if you are returning the house in its original condition.

Helpful Tip! If you didn’t do it for your old place, be sure to take photos of your new home to keep as a record of the condition you received the property in. This will help sort any disputes that may arise if you need or choose to move again.

10. Book a Cleaner for Your New Home 

Give your home that well needed scrub before you move in!

When to Do This: Before the movers in Dubai come and/or after they have moved all your belongings into place.

How Much It Will Cost: You can book a regular cleaning service starting from only AED 35 per hour!


Many people like to move within Dubai to explore exciting opportunities. If you are one of them, don’t forget to search for the best movers in Dubai on ServiceMarket. There are many companies that will make your moving process easier. All you need to do is get quotes from multiple movers and packers in Dubai and choose the one that fits the bill. That’s it! Best of luck with your move!

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  1. Really nice in depth article. Wish I had read this earlier while moving out. I am now not sure how much the landlord is going to charge for repainting and cleaning. I have given him a deposit of 7000AED for a 1BHK Service Apartment at Arjan.

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