Top Qualities to Look For in a Babysitter in Dubai

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Being a parent is difficult, especially when you live in a city full of life, such as Dubai. The constant work and household responsibilities can make anyone go crazy. So, it’s time you start looking for skilled babysitters in Dubai to help cut down the excessive workload!

Looking for a nanny who can cater to the demands of parents and maintain a joyful home atmosphere is quite an intimidating task.

To make it less overwhelming, we have compiled a few principal attributes of good babysitters, so you make an educated choice in the matter.

Attributes To Look For In A Babysitter

When hiring a babysitter in Dubai, the most critical point to note is the sitter’s experience in the fieldβ€”the more the experience, the greater the degree of satisfaction for you and your little one.

So, let’s dive in to discuss the distinctive qualities that babysitters must possess to make them stand out.

●      Experience

Dealing with emergencies and difficult situations is not everyone’s piece of cake. It takes an ample amount of experience to stay calm in challenging times.

So, experience babysitting in Dubai can make some nannies stand out since they may be well-versed in dealing with different infants and/or children, each with their own set of issues.

You can also regard your child’s caregiver as experienced if they’ve provided caregiving to anyone close to them, be it a sibling or relative.

●      Training

Before you hire a nanny, you must ensure she is trained enough to cater to emergencies. Nannies must be well-equipped in first-aid, CPR, and life support training and must know the basics of water safety to ensure your child is in safe hands.

Furthermore, using first-aid and emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers and alarms, is another crucial aspect of training for babysitters.

At ServiceMarket, all babysitters are professionally trained and qualified to handle any situation.

●      Trustworthy And Responsible

Building trust with parents is a crucial task for the sitter to ensure the kids are in safe hands and do not violate any rules set by the parents. Moreover, nannies must be responsible enough to reach on time for work and should never take a day off unless necessary.

The sitters must also know how to make the best decisions for your children. They must not plan activities that can harm your child in any way. Furthermore, they must never leave a child unattended.

●      Kind And Tolerant

Nannies are role models for your children since they’ll follow the behavior she exhibits. Therefore, kindness and patience should be the foremost characteristics of a nanny.

They should be friendly and compassionate enough to discipline your kids the ‘kind’ way. After all, correcting immoral behavior gently is better than doing it harshly.

Tolerance is another crucial aspect of babysitting. A child may want the nanny to play the same game repeatedly or cry over a certain meal they love. They must learn to handle your kids’ desires while keeping away the frustration they might feel.

●      Energetic And Innovative

An admirable quality of babysitters is the high level of creativity in them. Children love the idea of playing new games or doing arts and crafts.

Babysitting is about making the kid enjoy every single day of his life in the company of a lively and cheerful person. Thus, the sitter must be able to stimulate your child’s imagination and make him discover new things around him.

Playing videos on television to distract a child is not how babysitting should work. The main task is to keep your kid away from electronic media and make them fond of physical and intellectual activities of their age.

●      Healthy And Smart

A sitter who eats healthy would ensure your child also gets a healthy and balanced diet.

Moreover, toddlers love people chasing and following them, so make sure you hire a nanny who is fit enough to run after your kid without getting exhausted.

In addition, the nanny must have good intellect since she is in charge of your home in your absence, so she must be able to figure out how to run errands or use modern machinery.

The Bottom Line

Babysitters cannot be perfect in every matter. You need to be flexible and understand their concerns too. After all, they need to make a start somewhere to get experience.

So, if you are inclined to hire babysitters or part-time nannies in Dubai, reach out to ServiceMarket for a wonderful experience.

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