How Do Electricians in Dubai Troubleshoot Dead Outlets

Follow the steps in this easy guide on troubleshooting a dead outlet. But if feel overwhelmed and think it’s time to call an electrician in Dubai, head on to ServiceMarket to hire an electrical company to troubleshoot the outlet for you.

Is it the device?

You need to make sure that the outlet is actually dead. It could be that the appliance or electrical device that you plugged into the outlet is faulty. Take a lamp that you know is working properly and plug it into the outlet. If the lamp lights up, your outlet is just fine and you might need to dig up the warranty card for your appliance.

Does the outlet need rewiring?

Sometimes an outlet is controlled by a switch that is located somewhere else in the room. The switch could simultaneously be controlling a light. Flip all the switches in the room while a working lamp is plugged into the outlet. If you find one that powers the outlet, you can call electricians in Dubai to rewire the outlet or just leave it as is now that you know it works.

Is any other outlet dead?

Go around the room with a voltage tester or the working lamp and test the other outlets. If more outlets aren’t working, unplug all the appliances from them. A faulty appliance might have caused an overload or short circuit. Mark all the dead outlets with a sharpie or tape so that you can identify them later on.

Does the circuit break need resetting?

You need to locate the electrical panel for this check. It is possible that a circuit breaker tripped. If this is the case, all you need to do is to reset it. If you have an old panel, you might have fuses instead of circuit breakers. A blown fuse is easy to identify. It will either look burnt or have broken wires. To fix the issue, just replace the fuse.

Is it a GFCI unit?

The last troubleshooting step that we recommend before you call an electrical company in Dubai is to reset all the GFCI units. Find all the GFCI’s in the house and press the reset button. This will trip the unit and you will hear a pop sound. Next, press the reset button. If a GFCI trips again, unplug everything that is plugged into it to rule out a faulty appliance. If it trips again, call an electrician immediately! GFCI devices trip when they detect that a current is running along an unintended path and help prevent electric shocks.

Who can you call?

At this point, you have tried everything you could on your own to fix the outlet. It is time to call professional help. An electrician will have the proper tools and expertise to find and fix the issue. Read reviews on and get free quotes from multiple electrical companies in Dubai on ServiceMarket.

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