Types of Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning Services in Dubai

Let’s face it: cleaning is a challenging chore and not everybody has time for it. However, you can find all types of cleaning services in Dubai and easily book the one that’s most suitable for your home or apartment. In this article, ServiceMarket lists the types of cleaning services to help you make the right choice.

What kinds of cleaning services are out there?

Try not to get overwhelmed by this list. Take a quick look around your home and decide what requires the most time and attention. Some cleaning services in Dubai to consider:

  • General home cleaning: This involves dusting, vacuuming, and tidying up. Sometimes, our days are too busy for us to even make the bed. When you hire a maid in Dubai, you’re not just making your life easier; you’re also helping family members gain the time and energy to do other more pressing or fulfilling tasks such as pursuing a hobby or doing homework. A clean home is a happy home!
  • Deep cleaning: While you might have time for general home cleaning after all, you can’t really imagine yourself tackling the built up dirt and grime in unreachable spaces throughout your home. Deep cleaning professionals clean every nook and cranny in your house and also take care of the dirt on walls and windows.
  • Mattress cleaning: This is a task that should be done every 3 – 5 months. You’d be quite surprised to know what has been accumulating in your mattress all these months and years. Instead of going through the lengthy process of cleaning a mattress yourself, a cleaning company in Dubai can do it all in half the time! From vacuuming and deodorizing to removing stains, and steam cleaning, there are quality professionals in the industry that can take of it for you.
  • Carpet cleaning: Usually, carpet cleaning is one of the last items on a person’s to-do list; but it’s one of the most important. A carpet filled with dust, dirt and dust mites can be the reason for intense allergies, red and itchy eyes, and sneezing fits. Cockroaches are also known to hide in carpets. If you have pets, you have all the more reason to get your carpet regularly cleaned. You can ask the cleaning company to dry clean, shampoo, steam clean, or even foam cleanse your carpet.   
  • Sofa cleaning: Another spot in your home that you’re probably not paying attention to is your couch. Sofas can collect a lot of dirt and dust over months, and it makes sitting on them unhygienic. Unclean upholstery needs frequent replacement as well. Instead of going through vacuuming, dusting, washing the fabric, and removing the stains yourself, or replacing a perfectly salvageable sofa, call a professional upholstery cleaning service to handle it for you. It is quite possible that if you try cleaning your couches yourself, you might ruin the fabric.
  • Window cleaning: Who doesn’t like sparkly windows? However, it can be time consuming and even dangerous to clean your home’s windows yourself. Professionals, however, are used to the heights and can give the windows the time they need. Don’t let the sandstorms and dusty weather deter you from having clean windows!
  • Pool cleaning: Who has time to clean pools these days? We have a hundred and one other errands and chores to complete on a weekly basis.There’s quite a long list of tasks that go into pool cleaning, like using a pole to remove leaves and debris, cleaning the sides using a brush, and also regularly cleaning the used brushes and nets for debris.
  • Office cleaning: Without this service, work productivity is sure to go down in any office. Dirt collected in keyboards, telephones, floors, and bathrooms of offices can often be the dominant reason behind illnesses and allergies. Don’t let an unhygienic space be the reason for spreading sickness.
  • Laundry services: Why spend hours doing laundry every week when you can easily book on-demand laundry services through ServiceMarket. Our services include pay per laundry bag (wash and fold, only ironing, or wash and iron) and dry cleaning. You can book laundry services in Dubai without breaking the bank, so be sure to do so regularly to keep your clothes in good condition. Click here to find out how much these laundry services cost.

Do you need full-time help?

When cleaning your home turns out to be a bigger task than you anticipated, or you’re forgetting about cleaning up after yourself because of work-stress, or your kids are turning into a handful, it could also help to look into full-time help. With ServiceMarket, you’re able to find a variety of reliable, trustworthy companies that can be hired to take a giant load off your shoulders.

Pick What’s Right For You

There are many reasons to hire a housemaid in Dubai, full-time or part-time, especially when you’ve bit off more than you can chew. In today’s modern world, there are so many services at our disposal which can make our lives easier. We can all take advantage of platforms like ServiceMarket to add value and convenience in our lives. Whichever type of cleaning service you decide to book for your home, remember to follow some simple steps to choose the right cleaning company in Dubai.

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