Roman Blinds, Shutters and Draperies: Do You Know the Difference?  

Roman Blinds, Shutters, Draperies – the options are endless and, frankly, quite confusing. But don’t worry, ServiceMarket has put together this helpful guide to demystify all the different curtains and blinds options out there. There are many important factors that you should take into account when selecting curtains in Dubai, from choosing curtain designs that complement the color theme and interior design of your home, to considering the practical purposes such as blocking sunlight and providing privacy.

What type of curtains and blinds should you choose?

  • Curtains: Curtains come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, patterns and colors. Usually, curtains are made with thin fabrics and are only slightly opaque. However, it’s common in Dubai to add a blackout layer to your curtains to keep the Dubai sun out – allowing you to have a lie in on your weekend! You can also find curtains with thermal linings to insulate it from the outside temperature. These might be more expensive but could save you money on your AC bill in the long run! It’s up to you to balance the look with the practicality of the curtains – you might want to choose a sheer curtain with a transparent fabric for your living room, but a thicker curtain for your bedroom.

The curtain fabric is not the only choice you will have to make. You will also need to consider the curtain finishings:

    • Curtain headings: A curtain heading is the style with which curtains are fitted to the railings and rods. To explore some of the popular curtain headings types, click here.
    • Valance & Pelmets: These are installed at the top of the window and can make the curtains look more elegant! Pelmets are usually made from chipboard and are rigid compared to valances, which are made of fabric and hang loosely. Another benefit of having a valance or pelmets is that they hide the rod on which you hang the curtains.
  • Roman blinds: This name often confuses people! If you haven’t heard of Roman blinds before, you might confuse them with blinds. However, they are made of fabric just like curtains are. They can be pulled down easily with a cord and are ideal for people who are looking for something that can block sunlight but want something a bit more fancy than regular blinds. Roman blinds can be made in the fabric of your choice, giving you unlimited choices in colours and designs – so you can match them to your furniture and home accessories.
  • Window blinds: There are many varieties of window blinds. Most of them are built by putting together horizontal or vertical slats made of wood, metal or plastic. Chords are used to hold them together. The slats can be rotated by a system to open or close window blinds. They are very effective for preventing light from entering your room and blocking the view from outside. Some of the popular types of window blinds include venetian, pleated, vertical and roller blinds. They are available in many different colors, but if you want the textures that come with fabric, then you might want to consider another option.
  • Shutters: Unlike curtains and blinds, they are fixed window like fixtures installed over the windows. The only parts you can move are the slats of the shutter, unlike curtains or blinds. You should consider getting shutters if you want to control the amount of sunlight in the room or need more privacy. Shutters can be installed inside or outside your window depending on the type of your accommodation. External shutters protect your windows from wind, dust and rain.
  • Draperies: Draperies are just like curtains but they are made with a thicker fabric, which allows them to block sunlight, insulate the room against heat and cold. Since draperies are opaque, they are often used for privacy purposes. If you have nosey neighbours then this might be the right choice for you! They block the view through your window but are available in more stylish and colorful options than blinds and shutters.   

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Fun fact: You would need 24,000 curtains to cover all windows inside Burj Khalifa. Read on to find out more!

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