6 Unusual House Party Ideas

Dubai house party ideas

Parties are always meant to be fun and memorable, and if you’re the host to one you would definitely want to make sure that your event stands out from all the rest. But we tend to hit a roadblock when it comes to exciting themes, or just want to play it safe and wind up throwing a cookie-cutter bash. Why not try something that’s outside the box? ServiceMarket has put together a list of some very unique and quirky house party themes that will be sure to make your event a trendsetter amongst your social circle.

Treasure Hunt

A timeless childhood classic, hide treats or gifts all over the house for your guests’ inner pirates to pillage! But you can add a unique touch: rather than treats, the booty can be memorabilia that resonates with particular guests for a personal and heart-warming touch. Or when it comes to the food, let the buffet be the hidden treasure. Just be sure to hire the right Dubai caterers for the theme – seafood should be the delicacy of choice, but you can also have dessert served in treasure chests. Chocolate coins can also make for a nostalgic and theme-specific touch.

Anywhere But Here

Get your guests to come dressed up as if they were meant to be somewhere other than a party. It’ll be fun to see someone in their pajamas while another is wearing a psychedelic outfit as if it was the 70s. Completely random and whacky which suits the spontaneous kind the most, but also makes for amazing pictures which is why you should have a professional photographer on hand to snap some really outstanding photographs and make a party video.

Pop the question

If you’ve said yes, then a party is an absolute must. Announce your engagement with the appropriate themed party (and glitter – lots and lots of glitter) to your besties and family members. Of course, you can also β€œpop the question” to your future bridesmaids by with cute, pop-out boxes or serving them special fortune cookies with the question printed on the slips inside. Consider it a second proposal in the grand scheme of all the preparations!

Forever 80’s

The 80’s is that era in our lives that you can look back on with a certain nostalgia as well as confusion – the fashion at least merits scratching your head over. But it’s the bizarreness of the 80’s that makes it a prime choice for a party theme! Get a blast from the past by styling your hair, wearing neon clothing and playing some of the best tracks from George Michael, Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson! Moonwalk your way into the room like a Smooth Criminal under a shimmering disco ball while a professional Dubai photographer makes a brightly-lit video reminiscent of the 80’s.

Murder mystery

If you’ve ever played Clue, then this can work as a brilliant party theme… but with a couple of friends to help you pull it off. Have your guests play the suspects to an elaborate murder mystery that’ll have everyone on their toes and second-guessing every little detail. You’re going to need at least two helpers as the killer or victim(s). End the day with an entertaining crime movie just to wrap things up nicely.


When you think of masquerade parties, you think of mysterious and romantic balls perhaps only reserved for the elite. At least, that’s what most movies and books tell you. But enough of seeing those gorgeous scenes on the big screen. It’s time to bring a masquerade party to your house – phantom of the opera style! Have your guests wear fancy clothing and ridiculous masks, and let them mingle under soothing, classical music while sipping exquisite cocktails. Get an excellent catering company to make your buffet table look like a jewelry box with an assortment of smoked meats and decorative flowers.

If these ideas have inspired you and want to make sure your party goes off without a hitch, then always get professionals to handle the delicate stuff. For all your theme-specific buffets, ServiceMarket has an extensive network of caterers that you can read reviews on and select the one best suited for your needs. Moreover, you can get multiple free quotes if you visit the site today! So why wait? Head over to ServiceMarket and get your party started!

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