What Does a Nurse At Home Do in Abu Dhabi?

home nurse in Abu Dhabi

Staying at the hospital for a long period of time can be distressing and depressing, but it is necessary for patients who are terminally or chronically ill, elderly, pregnant, have special needs, or are in post-op. However, if your loved one is sick of the white walls, hospital food, and stretchers, now might be a good time to arrange for a home nurse in Abu Dhabi.

What Services Do At-Home Nurses Offer?

Offering Postpartum Care

Contrary to popular belief, developing a motherly instinct takes time. It is not easy being responsible for two lives at once. New mothers often struggle to get used to taking care of themselves and their babies, particularly first-time moms. If they have no helpers around, they may take a while to adjust to the huge change.

Nurses can be very helpful to mothers when it comes to neonatal and post-op care. Many babies, particularly C-section deliveries, are born with conditions that they recover from after birth. Nurses can provide the necessary professional care. They can even offer new mothers postpartum depression and lactation consultancy. These mothers need all the professional help they can get whilst they regain their strength and recover.

Providing Physio and Restorative Therapy

Patients recovering from accidents, medical procedures, surgeries, or people with permanent injuries or orthopedic conditions often need physiotherapy. This is a necessary rehabilitation to heal their muscles, bones, and joints, and ultimately boosts their energy levels. Restorative exercises help with the healing slowly, but their impact is undeniably lasting and long-term. 

It is important that the patient does not over-exert their body before it has made a full recovery. This is where professional nurses can help them the most by mediating their exercise sessions and restricting their range of motion where necessary. 

Overseeing Medicine Dosage

There is no better person to administer prescribed medication than a medical professional. In certain cases, patients may also require IV or IM injectable medication every few hours.

Licensed at-home nurses and medical professionals can save you the frequent long commute to the hospital as well as from the hassle involved in this process. This is not only more comfortable for the patient physically, but also saves them from the mental agony of making multiple hospital visits.

Taking Care of Special Needs Patients

Patients with certain disabilities need constant and intensive care. Any patient with a muscular deformity, a physical disability, a chronic illness, or a cognitive handicap needs to be observed at all times. 

They tend to need specialized treatment that can only be provided by healthcare professionals. In many cases, they may also be intimidated by hospitals or develop an aversion to them over time. Licensed nurses can provide them with the care necessary for their well-being within the comfort of their own homes.

Administering Post-Op Care

There are many different kinds of surgeries, but what is certain is that each one of them has a set recovery time, leading up to which patients are bedridden and dependent. This means that they need 24/7 attendance and care. 

It is not always possible for families to offer this, especially when it comes to administering medicine and post-op care professionally. Therefore, it might be a good idea to invest in a home nursing option for them to ensure that all of their needs are catered to. Given their prior experience and expertise in the field, nurses do a much better job at helping patients dress up, clean up after themselves, eat, or use the bathroom. What may be distressing for a loved one to witness is merely a nurse’s everyday job.

Offering Palliative Care and Rehabilitation for the Terminally Ill

The main focus of palliative care is to curtail the suffering that people with terminal illnesses have. Most doctors discharge patients with such cases, to offer them a chance at a normal life before they pass. 

For such patients, availing an at-home nurse is perfect, because it would mean a constant companion who helps them with their day-to-day tasks, offers them their full attention, and also counsels them during episodes or breakdowns. This proves very helpful, particularly for bedridden patients.

Providing Senior Citizen Care

At-home nurses are the perfect solution for helping elderly patients who need constant attendance. If a nursing home is off the table, the next best alternative is to avail a nurse. They would not only take care of them around the clock, but will also provide help with everyday tasks. Nurses can keep track of their medication timings, and ensure that their dietary needs are met.


At-home nurses are very helpful in providing patient care, as they are highly trained and can handle simple medical procedures far better than a patient’s loved ones can. If you or someone in your family fits any of the profiles mentioned above, maybe it is a good time to book a nurse at home in Abu Dhabi. You can now do this by visiting the ServiceMarket app or website, filling in all the requirements, and making an appointment.

Home nurse in Abu Dhabi

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