What Services Can a Nurse at Home Provide in Sharjah?

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The healthcare services in Sharjah have expanded to offer quality nurse-at-home services as well. These nurses are highly skilled and trained in a range of medical care services: ostomy care, urine catheter care, respiratory care, tube feeding, disability care, taking care of medication, wound care, fall risk management, and other assistance required by the patient.  

When you book a nurse at home in Sharjah for yourself or your loved ones, you get personalized services without going through the stress of traveling, waiting, or being exposed to the public. 

The following are some of the services that are provided by such nurses:

Postoperative Care

If you underwent surgery recently, an at-home nurse is vital for your recovery process. Assisting you with wound care, administrating your medicine, and giving you moral support are just some of the many services that come with at-home nurses. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, the nurse can promptly address your needs.

Special Needs Patients 

For chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems, at-home nurses play a crucial role in managing such conditions. From assisting you in following the treatment plan to monitoring your health, and educating you on disease management and recovery, at-home nurses will be present to support you.

Palliative Care

This kind of care focuses on reducing the suffering of patients with terminal illnesses. With an at-home nurse, you will be able to give your patient a better quality of life.

Rehabilitation Services

After injury or surgery, at-home nurses are pivotal in assisting with rehabilitation. Rehabilitation could be in the form of helping you regain mobility by providing physical exercise or assisting you in your daily life activities. 

Postnatal and Newborn Care 

If you are a new mother, at-home nurses can be a lifeline for you and your baby. Wound care, help in breastfeeding, guidance on infant care, and postnatal care are essential for new mothers. Not only will the nurse help the mother, but also take care of the newborn with feeding, diaper changing, and so on.

Medication Administration

A key role of at-home nurses is to manage your medication for you. It is their responsibility to ensure you take the right dose of medicine at the right time. This reduces the risk of medicinal error or any such complications.

Restorative and Physical Therapy

Nurses are professionals in wound care. Be it a surgical wound, pressure wound, or any kind of injury, it needs to be cared for and treated properly. This would require wound cleaning, changing the dressing, making sure there is no risk of infection, and ensuring the proper healing of the wound. There may also be physical therapy if needed.

IV Therapy

If you are someone who requires intravenous medications, fluids, or nutrition, at-home nurses will help you. Instead of struggling at clinics and getting exhausted, you can just let your at-home nurse handle the entire process for you.

Care For the Elderly 

With an elderly patient at home, an at-home nurse is the best solution. Especially if you are not one for nursing homes. From keeping a check on timely medications to changing their clothes, the at-home nurse will be responsible for everything.

Along with medical care, at-home nurses are great at giving companionship. This can help in improving the quality of your life, especially if you tend to feel alone in your sickness.

Choosing the Right At-Home Nursing Service 

Make sure to carry out proper research before finalizing an at-home nursing service in Sharjah. It is vital to opt for a service that is a licensed provider and has a good reputation in the market. You can seek recommendations from past clients or friends and family. Once that is settled, you can compare costs and go for the one that falls within your budget. 


The right at-home nursing services can empower you in your journey to recovery. So make sure your nurse at home in Sharjah should be experienced, and have a pleasant attitude. A dedicated nurse will offer skilled medical care, emotional support, and needed guidance for recovery.

Head over to ServiceMarket website or download the app to book a professional at-home nurse. Focus on your health and your family by receiving proper medical treatment for yourself. You or your loved one deserve the best care and treatment, and that is exactly what you will get from our licensed healthcare experts. 

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