Where Can I Get the PCR Test Done in Abu Dhabi?

pcr test in Abu Dhabi

All of the UAE’s emirates, including Abu Dhabi, are striving hard to combat the effects of the deadly virus, which has taken the entire world by storm. Along with providing vaccines to the general public free of charge, the capital of the UAE has also introduced COVID testing on a mass level. Hence, taking a step forward in putting an end to the increased cases.

Being the β€œgold standard” amongst the corona tests available, the PCR test is the most effective and efficient way of detecting any traces of the virus. Consequently, by inaugurating the first testing lab in the region, Abu Dhabi made COVID testing available to its people. Therein curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

To make your life easier, ServiceMarket is offering the at-home PCR test service in Abu Dhabi. You can now get your nasal swabbed in the comfort of your home. So book an appointment whenever your health feels fishy.

Where to Get the PCR Test Done in Abu Dhabi?

1. SEHA-Abu Dhabi Health Services Company

You can book an appointment through the SEHA App. They have 24 vaccination centers throughout the city. 

They also have various drive-through centers all across Abu Dhabi including Zayed Sports City, the Corniche, Al Bahia, and Al Shamkha.

The testing facility is free of charge for UAE nationals, their household workers, people suffering from chronic diseases, those with any disabilities, residents over 50, and pregnant women. Nonetheless, everyone else will have to pay a certain amount.

2. Private Clinics 

A plethora of private clinics and hospitals offer the facility 24/7, the list of which you can access here.

3. The Galleria at Al Maryah Island

The Galleria has partnered with Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Centre and Yas Clinic Group, providing a walk-in testing facility to the people. The center’s open from 9:30 am till 10:00 pm with no prior booking required.

However, we recommend you go in the morning as during the rush hours it’s really cramped up and social distancing is the key to being COVID negative.

4. At-Home PCR Test by ServiceMarket  

You can either book an appointment through the ServiceMarket website or the App. Qualified nurses from licensed labs will then be at your service on the date and time of your liking. 

You will then get your results 24 hours after through both email and SMS. They’ll also be uploaded on the Al Hosn App. 

However, if it’s urgent, you can also choose the express service and get your results in less than 12 hours, but only at an additional cost.

Apart from avoiding contact with potential corona patients, this at-home facility will also save you from the long queues and unnecessary waiting.

Why is the PCR Test Important?

If you feel any symptoms, you should immediately get the nasal test done for more clarity. If it turns out positive, you can simply self-quarantine and inform those with who you’ve previously come into contact. 

This will ultimately prevent the virus from transmitting further; hence breaking this vicious cycle and leading to a world where we can all breathe in peace. 

Final Takeaway 

As mentioned in the National News, Abu Dhabi no longer requires a negative PCR test result upon entry from the rest of the UAE’s emirates. However, to have access to a plethora of public places here, your Al-Hosn app should have the β€˜green’ status(add a link to the green status article).

Nonetheless, even with the change of rules, you should play your part in keeping the situation under control. Therefore, the two most important things that can lead to a corona-free world are vaccinations and regular testing. 

Also, you can’t be making any excuses now as ServiceMarket is offering a hassle-free at-home PCR test service in Abu Dhabi. So get jabbed and also swabbed whenever necessary!

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