Your Comprehensive Moving Checklist

Let’s face it, most of the checklists out there are too general and only skim the surface of the complex preparations we have to make before moving. To make sure that nothing is left to chance and you are in control of everything involved in the moving process, ServiceMarket and the moving experts at DXI Logistics have joined hands to prepare and share this detailed checklist.

Make sure that you have:

Four weeks before the move:

  • Submitted a request for moving quotes on ServiceMarket and decided on a reputable mover to help move your belongings to your new home
  • Have confirmed the removal date
  • Disposed of any goods which you no longer need
  • Checked on resident permits, import permits, work permits, etc.
  • Checked passports are valid for travel
  • Discussed with your bank any need to transfer bank accounts to your city of destination
  • Notified schools and obtained copies of transcripts or reports
  • Organized pet transportation where appropriate and obtained vaccinations and medical certificates for travelling pets
  • Planned for the sale or shipment of your car, in line with the customs regulations of your new country
  • Obtained medical certificates and records

One week before the move:

  • Supplied the mover with your contact telephone number for when you leave your residence
  • Supplied the mover with you overseas address and temporary address (if any) before you move overseas
  • Created an important documents folder which has items like your marriage and birth certificates
  • Arranged for mail to be forwarded
  • Washed and cleaned garden furniture/tools and outdoor toys
  • Arranged for your children & pets to be looked after on the day of the move
  • Arranged for DEWA services to be disconnected after the move and meters read
  • Ensured that all deposits or credits have been returned to you
  • Ensured nothing remains at the dry cleaners / repairers
  • Informed your building management/porter of your move dates
  • Completed the insurance proposal form

One day before the move:

  • Separated personal items which will travel with you (i.e. keys, documents, passports, medicines, certificates, currency, birth & marriage certificates)
  • Defrosted the fridge / freezer
  • Separated and labelled items not to shipped
  • Arrange with neighbours to leave sufficient space for parking the removal vehicles
  • Completed all laundry and ensure washer/dryer are empty
  • Disconnected washing machine, dryer and dishwasher
  • Disposed of any alcohol that will not be shipped
  • Remembered to pick up your passport, tickets and mone

On the day of the move:

  • Give the crew leader a tour of your home and tell them what you want them to do
  • Share special instructions for fragile and valuable goods
  • After they have packed and loaded your belongings, look at the remaining things to make sure nothing important has been left behind

Making and following a moving checklist is just one step you have to take while moving. The other big challenge is to find a reputable international moving company in Dubai. Using ServiceMarket, you can do this quickly and easily. Read reviews of vetted international movers in Dubai and get free quotes!

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