4 Ways to Pack Your Wardrobe When Relocating From Dubai

Relocating from Dubai, or anywhere else in the world, is always a stressful time and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Although it might not seem that complicated, working out how to pack up your wardrobe and unpack it elsewhere can be a real pain. You need to consider creasing, keeping them clean, and making sure that you can find clothing at the other end when you need it. Here is your guide to packing and unpacking your wardrobe when you relocate from Dubai. To make your moving day as stress-free as possible, book a relocation service at ServiceMarket now!

1. Declutter Your Wardrobe

The best place to start when packing your wardrobe is to take the opportunity to declutter your clothes. Sort the clothes into ones that you definitely want to keep and others that you may want to part with either by selling, donating, or just throwing away.

It is beneficial to part with clothes that:

  • are not suitable for the climate of your new location
  • are out of fashion
  • no longer fit you or members of your family
  • are damaged or worn out and unable to be mended
  • don’t suit you
  • you have never worn or will never wear

2. Select Clothes to Wear on Moving Day

Before you pack up all of your clothes you should also select the pieces that you want to wear for your moving day. It’s best to choose items that are both comfortable and practical and those that will be suitable for your new location. Just make sure that you take precautions for any unexpected weather changes such as rain or snow.

3. Sort Your Clothes

Sorting your clothes will not only make unpacking them a breeze, it will also ensure that each clothing item is stored in the best way. With this in mind, consider sorting items based on:

  • Material
    • Natural and cotton fabrics crease easily – you may want to consider using hangers and clothing bags
    • Wool based clothing takes up a lot of space
    • Polyester and synthetic fabrics don’t need any special treatment
  • Season
    • You can have quick access to the clothes you need from the outset
    • You can leave unpacking unseasonal clothes for later or even store them in the boxes until you need them
  • Size
    • Smaller items should be able to fit in one box
    • Long clothes are best packed together if you can
  • Category i.e. tops with tops, bottoms with bottoms, etc.
    • Items will be unpacked into the same place at once rather than needing to have numerous drawers open and going back and forth
  • Person
    • If you are relocating your family, it is best to keep each member’s clothes separate

Folding Non-Hanging Clothes

If you need to fold your clothes, there are 3 common methods you can do to maximise space.

1. Flat fold – this is the traditional way you fold clothes to go into your drawers. Although a simple method, it can lead to creasing.

2. Military Rolling – this is a popular method for packing clothing to relocate. It will maximise space and reduce the chance of your clothes becoming wrinkled.

3. KonMari – the folding method from Marie Kondo. This is essentially a mix between the other two methods (do the first followed by the second) and is all the rage right now!

4. Packing Your Clothes

There are a number of options for how you choose to pack your clothes ready to be taken over to your new location by a relocation company in Dubai.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are tall boxes that actually allow you to hang your clothes on a hanging rack fitted into the top of the box. These are the best option for those clothes that wrinkle easily as they will keep them crease-free and clean throughout transit.


If you have suitcases that need to be transported anyway, they are a brilliant place to store your clothes for relocation, especially your more expensive and/or delicate pieces.

Vacuum Bags

You will find getting hold of vacuum bags will be beneficial as they can hold a large number of clothing items and when the air has been sucked out of them, they take up a lot less space than normal bags. Once again, vacuum bags are useful for seasonal clothes as they can be easily kept stored until you need them without taking up a lot of room.

Cardboard Boxes

Of course, you can always use normal cardboard boxes, especially for those clothes that don’t need any special treatment and all of your shoes. Top tip: to prevent your shoes from getting crushed by one another during transit, stuff each shoe with a pair of socks or some paper!

Packing your clothes in an efficient way when relocating makes all the difference when reaching your new destination and it comes time to unpack. With this wardrobe packing guide, you can make your life that little bit easier! To make your relocation as stress-free as possible Service Market will provide you with quotes from professional relocation companies in Dubai so that you can be sure you are getting the best service at a great price.

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