5 Summer Colors for Your Home

Summer Colors for Your Home

With the rising temperatures, it is time to refresh the look of your home with color schemes inspired by summer. Use ServiceMarket to find reputable painting companies in the UAE and get inspired by these 5 trending paint colors:

1. Lime Green

Lime green can add immediate freshness to your home. Green has always been associated with nature and summer is the best time to get closer to it. This scheme doesn’t only freshen up your beautiful home but also keeps you feeling active. Accentuate a wall in an open sitting room or home office space with lime green for a modern, crisp look. Furnish in greys and metallic shades to make the green pop, while keeping the floors and other walls light. You can also add plants and other smaller accessories around the room to complete the look.

Summer Colors for Your Home

2. Juicy Orange

A cool, juicy orange is the epitome of summer. Paint the main wall in your living room orange for an impactful and energetic summery space. Paired with wooden or beige hues, the orange can add life to the room. Keep the flooring, other walls and dΓ©cor light-toned, like a creamy off-white, so that the room looks inviting and spacious as well. So whether you’re entertaining guests or just relaxing on the weekend by yourself, you can be sure to feel energized.

Summer Colors for Your Home

3. Sun Yellow

Say hello to yellow to take full advantage of the sunshine this summer! The color can be a bit tricky to handle but if you get it right, you can make your home instantly look brighter and even make yourself feel happier. .We recommend using the color as an accent or choose a pale yellow color, whether it’s in your sitting room, your bedroom or a windowed recess. Add accessories like cushions or throws and team them up with patterns and prints. Offset the color with soft browns or greys to make it stand out even more. If you feel bolder, you can also ask your painting services company to paint a few furniture pieces yellow, like a side table, and add them to the mix.

Summer Colors for Your Home

4. Sky Blue

Who doesn’t want to think of clear blue skies and calm blue seas in summer? The color blue can bring a sense of calmness and peace to any space in your home. Try a light sky blue in your bedroom to make it the perfect place to unwind and relax at the end of a long, hot day. It can also work effectively in your sitting room. Get advice from your paint company to make sure that you select a cool tone of the color. As a result, you can paint the entire room the same shade to make it more restful and elegant. Adding nautical prints or dΓ©cor can provide a breezier touch. Complement with warm greys or white for a balanced style.

Summer Colors for Your Home

5. Cheery Red

Spice up your kitchen and your appetite with a dash of brilliant, cheerful red. As a color that inspires passion and creativity, it is a perfect way to make the kitchen livelier this summer. Be wary of using too much red though. Temper this strong color with a neutral like white so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Summer Colors for Your Home

Use ServiceMarket to get quotes for painting your home or get in touch with the experts at Kansai PaintΒ to give your home a brand new look in time for summer!

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