5 Ways to Reduce Moving Expenses in Abu Dhabi

reduce moving expenses when moving from Abu Dhabi

International moving is a time-consuming, exhausting and expensive process. Even the thought of it sends a chill down one’s spine as there is already so much to take care of when moving. 

If you are planning a relocation, you might be thinking of an affordable way to do it. Therefore, we’ve come up with a few tips that can save you both time and money while you’re planning a move from Abu Dhabi.

1. Create a Checklist

Plan, plan, and plan! Planning is the key whenever you decide to move. You should make a proper checklist so you have a clear blueprint of what you need to do and how. 

Nonetheless, if you find it difficult to create one on your own, you can refer to this checklist created by us for your ease. 

Anyways, once you list down all the items you need to move, you should then create and fix a budget to minimize the costs. Once you have a plan of action, it is much easier to then execute it.

2. Dispose of Unwanted Items

People often don’t bother disposing of small unwanted items that take up a lot of space if large in number, thus adding to the packing and moving costs. 

So, a tip for you is to get rid of all the clutter beforehand. Sell the items that you no longer use through online portals or otherwise. If selling is not an option, you can also donate some of your reusable stuff to a trusted charity in Abu Dhabi. However, if you have any worn-out junk, just dispose it of by booking a bulk waste collection service.

3. Acquire Packaging Material

Cardboard boxes can cost quite a lot if you buy new ones and that too from a retail store. We recommend you first ask your family/friends in Abu Dhabi for any spare boxes they might have and if you still don’t have enough, buy them in bulk as it would lower down the cost per unit.

Even though this task may end up being really tiring,  you can save a hefty amount, which is always worth it. 

4. Hire Movers and Packers

Moving becomes a pain in the rear end if done all by yourself. And so, we suggest you hire professionals to do the job. However, to avoid any rogue movers, you should head over to ServiceMarket where you can get quotes on some of the most affordable movers and packers of Abu Dhabi who you can trust with all your valuables without much worry.

5. Be Flexible in Deciding Your Moving Day

Try moving during non-peak periods as companies charge much more during holidays and weekends due to increased demand. It’s better to book your international movers on a weekday as it’ll cost much less. Subsequently, the cost might differ, depending on the time of the month as well; moving in the middle of the month is cheaper as compared to the start and the end.

Final Takeaway

All in all, if you follow the above-mentioned ways, you’d be able to reduce your moving expenses to quite an extent. Planning is highly important, so do it wisely. Also, do some research and hook yourself up with the cheapest international moving companies in Abu Dhabi on the ServiceMarket website, and you’d surely be successful in making your international move cost-effective.

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