All You Need to Know About Storage Units in Abu Dhabi

storage units in Abu Dhabi

Residing in Abu Dhabi, one of the recurring problems one may face is not having enough storage space due to compact living spaces. However, just as there’s a way around everything, the idea of having storage units is a great hit amongst the people of the UAE. If you’re looking for one, you can book a storage unit in Abu Dhabi now on ServiceMarket.

Now you must be wondering about how it all works. Well, we’re here with a list of things you need to know about storage units in Abu Dhabi.

Full Overview: Storage Units in Abu Dhabi


You will have to sign an agreement of all the terms and conditions involved. So read it thoroughly beforehand. And also, along with the signed contract you will have to provide proof of your identity in the form of an ID card, passport, or driver’s license.

Additionally, getting insurance for the unit you rent is highly necessary to be on the safe side. So, we recommend you get the one that offers insurance coverage so that they compensate you if god forbid anything unusual happens.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Storage Unit 

Self/Shared Storage

First and foremost, you need to decide whether you want to get a self-storage unit or a shared one? If the things you want to store are valuable then you should get self-storage. Not only your things will be safe but you will have the entire space to yourself. This, however, comes at a certain price and that is where shared storage comes into play. 

If you want to keep aside a few of your things that are not too expensive then you can box them all up and place them in a shared facility. Remember to keep a track of your possessions and label them all.


You obviously don’t want to spend a fortune on merely storing your stuff. So, it is recommended to get a storage facility that is in the outskirts of the city as those that are nearer are extremely costly.


You don’t want your belongings to rest in a place that is rat-infested or bug-stricken! So choose one where cleanliness is one of the utmost priorities to prevent your stuff from getting damaged.


Similarly, security is one other factor that should determine the selection of the storage you choose as you want your things to be safe. You don’t want to go and find them missing on your next visit. So read over the reviews of customers online and see if they have any infamous records regarding theft and robbery.

Customer Service

Since you are trusting someone with your valuables, you expect them to cater to your needs and queries whenever need be. Therefore, choose a company with good customer service reviews so that they can listen and resolve your issues efficiently.

Non-Permissible Items

Some of the things that you should not store in a storage facility include:

Hazardous Items

Anything flammable is hazardous to jail in an enclosed space. Therefore if you’re planning to keep any pesticides, acids, chemicals, or anything of that sort then please think again as they can pose a serious threat to those present at the site.

Perishable Products

Perishable food items should be off your list if you’re planning to get a storage unit. They will not only ruin your stuff but also that of the adjacent units. Producing bacteria, they might start giving off a foul odor that could get you in trouble.

Anything Damp

Things that are wet can result in molds, making your other valuables suffer too. This could eventually lead to a bug infestation destroying everything stored in your unit. So as it’s better to be safe than sorry, refrain from stowing anything that loses moisture and is damp.

Living Things

Living things such as animals and plants are a big no. Since these facilities are claustrophobic and they’re temperature controlled, there’s no way a surviving being can manage to live there unharmed for a long period. So keep your breathing buddies with yourself.

Final Takeaway

Now that you have a complete overview of how storage units work in Abu Dhabi, you can dump everything in there that you momentarily don’t need and free up your closets. You can get some of the most reliable storage units in Abu Dhabi on ServiceMarket. So hurry up and get one for your belongings! 

However, having the facility of storing your possessions does not mean that you start hoarding stuff that you don’t even require because all that comes at a certain cost! Therefore, declutter your closets and cabinets first and get a unit for only the things that you really need.

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