Your Ultimate Guide to Grocery Shopping in Abu Dhabi

grocery shopping

When you think of Abu Dhabi, one of the first things that come to your mind is β€œshopping”. It’s no surprise, the Emirate is like heaven for any shopaholic. But when you’ve just moved and wake up in the morning with a rumbling belly, that’s when the importance of grocery shopping hits you.  

It can get pretty confusing for many expats. But no need to fret. This blog is the ultimate guide to grocery shopping and would be extremely useful for all living in Abu Dhabi.

What Are the Main Supermarket Chains in Abu Dhabi?

There are plenty of renowned and extensive names scattered all over the UAE, and there’s a good concentration of them in Abu Dhabi. The most popular and well-known hypermarket and supermarket chains are:


Launched in the UAE in 2010, this French hypermarket chain has an extensive range of products, from grocery items to branded goods as well as electronics and home decor.


This UK supermarket chain was first launched in Dubai nearly 15 years ago. Offering an extensive range of premium quality local and imported products, Waitrose has 6 stores in Abu Dhabi. These are specifically located in Sun and Sky Towers, Al Raha Gardens, Al Maryah Island, 4th St, Khalifa City, and Yas Mall.


LuLu stores just seem to be everywhere, and for good reason too. Ever since its launch in 1995in Abu Dhabi, it stands today as the largest retail chain in the Middle-East!


Founded in 1924 in Egypt by an Englishman, Arthur Rawdon Spinney, the name has since established itself as one of the leading supermarket chains in the UAE, with 11 stores in Abu Dhabi.

Souq Planet

Since its debut in Abu Dhabi back in 1967, Souq Planet stands as one of the UAE’s top supermarkets with a spin; digital shopping.

Mushrif Mall

Located in Abu Dhabi, this mall has a variety of departmental stores and its very own β€˜The Market’, which is an entire floor designated for fresh food stalls.


This online grocery delivery service eliminates the need to travel entirely by bringing your eggs, milk, veggies, and meat to any doorstep in the UAE!

Do They Offer Home Delivery?

Delivery service is a given for Farmbox, but if you have a preference for in-store shopping then LuLu is your go-to supermarket in Abu Dhabi. Souq Planet on the other hand offers a β€œclick and collect” system that lets you build your basket at home and then collect and pay at the store, so that’s half the comfort of shopping from your home. If you’re only looking to purchase non-food items, then Carrefour is an additional option for you.

Where Can You Find Pork Products and Alcohol?

Waitrose, Spinneys, and Souq Planet are the only popular supermarkets in Abu Dhabi which have stores with a non-Muslim section – so you know where to go to get your morning bacon and sausages. Just give your local store a call beforehand as it is only sold in select stores. 

You’re not going to have any luck with wine though since no supermarkets in the UAE sell alcohol. But you can almost always find a licensed alcohol shop like African & Eastern, (A&E) and Maritime & Mercantile International (MMI) that sell alcohol near a Spinneys store. You’ll need to get an alcohol license in order to purchase any alcohol, but you can apply for one in any alcohol store – just make sure to take along all the required documents. 

ServiceMarket Insider Tips From Our Abu Dhabi Specialists!

  • If you are after some great cuts of meat, head down to Mushrif Mall to visit the meat market.
  • The Mina port has a great fruit and vegetable market – but put on your negotiating hat if you plan to go there. You can often get discounted prices by shopping around at different stalls and creating a good relationship with the stall owner.
  • Farmbox is a brilliant option for fresh fruits and vegetables – and the plus side is that they deliver right to your doorstep!


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