Who Are the Best International Movers in Dubai?

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One of the most important decisions you need to make when moving to another country is to find the best international movers in Dubai. After all, the right moving service can make the process a lot smoother and hassle-free for you. To help you do so, the experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of key factors you should consider when looking for international movers and packers in Dubai.

FIDI and AIM accreditations

The first thing you should look for when choosing an international moving company is whether or not it has good accreditations like FIDI or AIM. An international mover can only get these accreditations if it meets the organizations’ standards and requirements and after going through an evaluation process. To continue holding these accreditations, international movers also have to go through period assessments. This ensures that they continue to provide customers with high-quality services. You’re unlikely to face damages, hidden charges, hassles, losses, or delays if you go with such international moving companies.    

Β·   FIDI (International Federation for International Movers) specializes in providing accreditation to international movers who ship household and personal goods. The evaluation of each company is based on a 200-point quality checklist. If you hire an FIDI-accredited international moving company, then they will have all the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to do the job properly.

Β·   AIM (International Association of Movers) is the other important accreditation you should be looking for. It covers a vast network of more than two thousand international moving companies that have at least one year of experience.

Transit insurance

It’s not likely that you will face damages or losses if you hire accredited movers, but it’s always better to go the extra mile to ensure that your goods are protected while they are in transit. FIDI-accredited international movers in Dubai are affiliated with insurance companies and would be able to provide you with transit insurance. You can make the moving process less stressful with this simple step.  

Customer reviews and ratings

Be sure to find out what some of the other customers are saying about the international movers and packers you’ve shortlisted. You can get a sense of a company’s repute and standing quickly by taking a look at the average rating it has received. You can easily read customer reviews and compare ratings of international moving companies in Dubai online on ServiceMarket.  

Network and age the international mover  

You should give preference to moving services that have been serving Dubai residents for many years. They would have served a greater number of customers compared to newer companies, which means that you would be able to base your decision on more customer reviews. Besides being experienced, such companies are also likely to have a more established and better network. International moving companies that are part of a larger moving network are usually more resourceful. 

Training of crew

Since the crew of your movers and packers in Dubai would be handling, packing, and transporting your belongings, it’s important to make sure that they have been trained properly. Many moving companies train their staff for as long as six months before they’re assigned a moving job.

Crew, materials, and infrastructure

Here are some of the other factors you should consider when selecting a shipping company in Dubai:

  • The moving crew should be professionally trained to pack, handle, and transport your goods
  • They should be wearing uniforms
  • The shipping company uses covered/closed trucks for transporting your belongings
  • The packing materials they use should be strong and branded
  • The international moving company should have a warehouse of their own for storing goods

Do you need any special services?  

Before you hire an international mover, make sure they can cater to any special requirements you have. For example, if you need to ship sensitive items, paintings, or something bulky like a grand piano, ask your shipping company whether they have the resources for the job. You should also find out what storage options they provide and how much it will cost in case you need to store your belongings after they reach the destination.  

The best way to find a suitable shipping company in Dubai

ServiceMarket allows you to request free quotes from multiple international moves and packers. Don’t just go with the first or the most affordable one you come across. Be sure to also compare international moving quotes in terms of the level of services they are providing. You can even read customer reviews online as well as compare ratings of companies. You will also be able to check the accreditations of all companies you’ve shortlisted.  

How to get an affordable international moving quote

Besides comparison shopping, another great way to cut down the cost of shipping is to only ship the items that you really need. You can sell, donate or discard items that you don’t need anymore or can easily buy after reaching your destination. You can also save a lot of money by opting for groupage shipping, which means that you would have to share the container with other customers and wait till it’s full.

ServiceMarket only partners with vetted and licensed international movers and packers in Dubai and has made it easier than ever for you to make an informed decision.

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