How Movers in Dubai Calculate the Price of Your Move

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Moving from one place to the next can be exciting, but it can also be a challenging and an expensive ordeal. Different moving companies in Dubai calculate their fares differently, so there is no definitive way to calculate how much moving will cost. Since there are different parameters for every business, it pays to research and compare before hiring a professional moving company to handle your move.


Travelling is a given when you’re moving from one home to another, and some companies calculate their costs according to the distance they will cover when moving your belongings. So the greater the distance the further your belongings need to travel, and the more fuel, manpower and other costs your movers will incur that you will have to cover. In the case of really long distances (for international movers in particular) the route that the moving company plans to travel will have an impact on the price so different international moving companies often quote different prices even for the same destination – so it pays off to shop around a bit. Remember, on ServiceMarket you can easily get quotes from multiple companies for your move in one go!

Size or volume

The more space your belongings take up the fewer items the shipping or moving company can move at a single time. So while the cost of the transportation remains the same, the number of customers the company can serve decreases – and they will cover that lost potential earning by charging higher for bigger moves. For international moves, shipping is calculated by volume in general but by weight if your belongings are being flown in via plane. When moving locally, most local movers and packers measure by volume (and the number of trips and staff required).

Services and packaging

Packaging can add to your costs depending on a number of factors, such as material, the services involved in wrapping and securing your belongings, and what items you want packed by your mover. So if you go for full packaging, then that means that you want everything down to the cutlery wrapped in newspapers and padding. This is understandably more expensive than partial packaging, which means you only need your movers to handle the bulky stuff while you pack the smaller, more delicate items yourself. For shipping companies, this is done from either door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port. You should take into account what you want and what your needs are when thinking of which company to hire and then hire the right one.

Staff Requirements

Of course, these companies don’t just run themselves. There are real human costs to everything: someone needs to carry your packages to the van, someone needs to drive that van to the ship, plane or directly to your new home, someone needs to organize everything and so on. Assembly/disassembly of furniture will require more labor and extra packing will obviously bring both the material and labor cost up. And like we’ve previously mentioned, a larger shipment size will cost more. Sometimes if you want a speedy local move, companies will offer to send more staff and trucks to get the move done quicker – but this obviously costs more.

Special Needs

This can range from shipping expensive electronics and other specialist equipment to handling pets, or other extra fragile stuff. In some cases, like that of pets, you’re going to need to find specialist movers that can handle these belongings. Specialised movers often charge more but don’t try to cut costs by choosing companies that are not experienced or licensed – the benefits of a safe and professional move far outweigh the one-time cost you will have to cover. Also, if the belongings you are moving are very valuable having transit insurance is a must!

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