Documents Required for Car Shipping in Dubai

The UAE, especially Dubai, is a place with a very diverse population with people shifting to and from countries all over the world. So naturally, a lot of people ship their cars back to their home country. As a result, due to the high demand, a lot of car shipping companies have popped up over the years in Dubai. Among these, several are listed on the ServiceMarket portal for your ease, shipping your cars by air, sea container or on RORO (ro-ro), depending on your budget.

But when shipping your car outside the UAE, several questions may arise in your mind. How much does it cost to ship your car? What is the process? What documents are required to ship a car from Dubai?

We will be addressing the last issue here. For details on the cost of shipping your car you can click here.

At ServiceMarket, our main aim is to make your lives simpler and hassle-free so we have come up with all the information you need related to the documents you require when shipping your car from Dubai. 

What documents are required for shipping my car from Dubai?

The documents you require for shipping your car from the UAE depends on your purpose of shipping.

You can ship any car you want from Dubai, the only requirements for the export are as follows:

Personal move

Personal move refers to when you are relocating to a new country or back to your home country and in addition to your regular belongings also wish to have your car shipped. In such cases, an individual must have the following documents on hand.

  • Purchase invoice: This refers to the document of purchase of your car proving that you have paid for the car and it is now in your ownership.
  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Registration papers in your new country: The registration papers in the country you are relocating to so that there is proof that now you are a resident there.
  • Registration papers of the car: Depending on the requirements for the country you are moving to these papers must show that the car has been in your ownership for at least 6 months for some destination countries or 12 months for other countries. In this case, you will not be able to sell the car in the destination country till after 12 months of its arrival.

In most cases, the issue is not getting the car shipped out of the UAE or getting it into a country, the issue is being able to register the cars in the country where you ship them to and later on selling them there as each country has its own laws regarding the selling of these exported cars.

 Commercial Use

This option is typically for commercial use, for companies that deal in the buying and selling of cars.

The documents required are:Registration papers for the car: For proof of ownership of the vehicle.

  • Registration papers for the car: For proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Passport
  • Bill of sale for the car: For proof of purchase of the vehicle.
  • Export certificate: This can be obtained from the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) Dubai.

Carnet De Passage

In the case where an individual wishes to travel to a certain country and take his/her car along, the vehicle can be exported with a Carnet De Passage. A Carnet De Passage is a temporary export of maximum 12 months. By the end of this year-long period, the car must return to the UAE.

This helps you travel to other countries and enter these countries temporarily without paying VAT and duties.

This Carnet De Passage can be requested from the Automobile and Touring Club in Dubai. For the request of the Carnet De Passage, the documents required are:

  • Registration papers of the car: For proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Passport and UAE residence visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid UAE Driving License
  • Cash or bank guarantee depending on the customer’s country of destination.

This checklist of documents will help you to plan ahead when deciding to move to a new country or when deciding to travel to a foreign country along with your car. 

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