Your Dirty Secrets: Over Half of UAE Residents Have Not Cleaned Their Remote Controls in over 3 Months!

Cleaning services in the UAE

Admit it, sometimes cleaning is all about β€˜putting things in less obvious places’. Remember that one time your friends came over unexpectedly and your house was a complete mess? ServiceMarket recently launched a survey to uncover the cleaning habits of UAE residents – and some of the results are quite surprising!

With cleaning services being readily available and reasonably priced in the UAE, many people ditch the duster and choose to hire these services to help them keep their homes spic and span. Half of all respondents stated that they have outside help with cleaning their homes.

Cleaning habits in the UAE 2017 - infographic

For many people, cleaning their home often slips down to the end of their to-do list. After all, pursuing that dream career or spending time with the kids is surely more important. It’s no surprise that many people have either part-time (41%) or full-time (9%) help at home. Over two-fifths (42%) of respondents have help at least once a week.

Now for the surprising bit: almost half of respondents (46%) stated that they haven’t cleaned their sofa upholstery or their carpets in the past 3 months! Remote controls and door handles also appear to be particularly dirty items in people’s homes, with 65% stating that they have not cleaned their remotes in over three months and 60% admitting to not cleaning their door handles in the last three months.

A look into over 1000 cleaning bookings made through ServiceMarket, shows that Saturday is the most popular day for cleaning appointments, followed by Thursday. Together these two days account for over half of the total weekly volume. On the other hand, Tuesday is the least popular day for cleaning services. The average cleaning duration is 3.2 hours.

How much does it cost to hire a cleaning company in the UAE? Typically hiring a 3-hour cleaning service will have a monthly cost between AED 360 and AED 420 for a once a week cleaning service and between AED 720 and AED 840 for a twice a week cleaning service.Β 

β€˜A clean home is a happy home’, right? Why not save give yourself a break and book a cleaning service today? On ServiceMarket you are able to get multiple quotes from cleaning companies online. Alternatively, use our immediate booking system to instantly book an appointment at your preferred time.

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