Home Renovation Basics for Dubai Residents  

Painting your Dubai home

With summer here, a little renovation to make your Dubai home feel spacier and cooler seems like a brilliant idea. Large home renovations that include hiring painting services in Dubai, however, need a little more planning than renovations that only include minor repairs. If you are considering remodelling and redesigning specific rooms in your home, remember not to rush. You need to plan extensively to ensure that you get the best results. ServiceMarket has prepared a comprehensive renovation basics guide for you to help you achieve the home design of your dreams:

Write up a Renovation Plan for your Dubai Home

Write down what you want to change about your Dubai home. Involve your whole family in the decision making process. Do you want to change the color themes of the rooms? Do you feel that only the kitchen needs an upgrade? Do you want new floors?

Make a list of everything you want to change and why. Also, try to workout the new theme you want your Dubai home to portray. For example, decide whether you are going for a cozy or artsy feel. Do you want a contemporary or minimalist style in your interior decor? After you have decided the theme you are going for, start researching the different looks you want to use for your rooms. You need to determine the colours, fabrics, furniture, furniture placement, fixtures, etc. that you would like to have.

Next, you need to track down professionals who can help you achieve the look you want for your home or a particular room or space. You also need to look up the best places online or in stores where you can find the equipment you will need if you want to DIY the renovation project. Lastly, figure out if you want to throw or give away your old stuff and buy new things to fit with the theme and decor you have decided. This is a great opportunity to declutter and give your home a fresh feel.

Make a Renovation Budget for your Dubai Home

Renovating even one room in your Dubai home can be quite expensive. You should have a set budget for your renovation project (one that obviously won’t break the bank!) and try to stick to it as much as possible. You want your renovation to be a positive addition to your life and not a cause of stress.

Break down all the components of your Dubai home renovation plan and apply a suitable budget accordingly. Get quotes from different handyman companies in Dubai and research costs of different materials. Consult your friends, family and professionals on what can be done in your budget without compromising on quality.

The goal is to strike a balance. Since renovations are considered a long term investment, money shouldn’t be too big of a concern, but it is also not a good idea to go overboard and land yourself in financial woes. Finding the best professionals is also necessary. You don’t want to waste your investment just because you hired someone with no experience and/or credentials who botched the job.

Make a Renovation Schedule for your Dubai Home

Major home renovation projects are an investment of time, besides money. Any projects that include painting and changing things like the cabinets and flooring require an appropriate schedule that should fit within your normal schedule. Paint, for example, needs time to dry. Luckily, since its summers, paint won’t take too long to dry, if that is your renovation project. If you are considering changing floors, depending on whether you are going for solid hardwood floors or engineered ones, your renovation project can be longer or shorter, respectively. Therefore, you should plan an appropriate time frame to carry out these renovations well before you start the project.

Another thing you should consider is asking friends and family to watch your kids and/or pets while a project is going on. Hiring a pet sitting and/or babysitting service in Dubai so that you don’t have to worry about the children and pets getting underfoot is a great idea as well. If you are completely remodeling, it is best to go room by room. This way some parts of your house will be habitable even when others are not.

If you think your renovation will take a long while, you may need to start finding some storage companies in Dubai to hold your belongings while the renovations are being carried out.

Before making any decisions or choosing random service providers, browse service providers on ServiceMarket and read up vetted customer reviews to make sure that you are making the least stressful and most beneficial decision. If you are looking specifically for painters in Dubai, get free quotes from multiple painting services in Dubai on ServiceMarket. Remember to take your time and plan well ahead of the intended completion date in order to ensure a successful renovation for your Dubai home.

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