How to Choose Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi?

choosing movers and packers in Abu Dhabi

Are you planning to shift and struggling to choose movers and packers in Abu Dhabi? 

Whether you are planning to move to another apartment, shift to some other emirate or relocate to another country, you will need the professional help of a moving firm in the UAE. 

Relocation is a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some amazing moving companies that can help ease out the entire process for you. 

Some moving companies help with the packing as well. They help you pack your things, shift them to the new place and unpack for you to set up the place. Completely hassle-free!

Does this sound like something you are looking for? If yes, keep reading for some amazing tips compiled by ServiceMarket that will help you choose between movers and packers available in Abu Dhabi

Tips To Choosing The Best Movers

Before you make the move to your new apartment, a different emirate or out of the country, you need to keep a few significant things under consideration:

1. Look For A Moving Firm

The online world exposes us to numerous shipping companies in the UAE. You can browse through their websites and draw comparisons. The Classified section of the newspaper is another medium for finding suitable movers.

Or better so, you can ask your colleagues, friends, or neighbors who have had first-hand experience with a moving company for recommendations.

2. Background Checks and Customer Reviews 

Moving is a huge task and requires due diligence. Social media is the hub of information. Dig deep into the moving company you are considering and check for its background and customer reviews on the website or online forums. 

If you find someone in your network who has had experience with the movers, get reviews from them as well. 

3. Check For Registration and Credibility

Additionally, it is always good to check if the movers are credible and registered with the economic department. You can easily verify this by browsing through the Abu Dhabi Economic Department

Additionally, you should also check for accreditations like FIDI and AIM.

4. Define Your Need – Packers and Movers or Movers Only

If you choose the latter then you would be responsible for packing all your belongings. And for that, you would require packing material including wrapping bubble sheets and boxes. The selected moving firm will charge according to the number and size of the boxes. 

On the contrary, if you want a stress-free move, you can avail the moving company’s complete door-to-door services, for an additional cost of course. This would include packing all your stuff, shifting it to the new place, and then setting it up there. 

5. Choose your mode of transportation

You would require the services of a cargo firm if you are to shift somewhere out of the country. It all depends on how far the place you are moving to is. If you are moving within the UAE your belongings can be easily shipped via land but for farther locations shipping via air cargo or sea cargo would be required. 

If you want swift delivery, choose air cargo but it’s expensive. Sea cargo, on the other hand, is relatively cheaper and could take up to ten weeks’ delivery time.

Also, with cargo, you would have to choose between door-to-door cargo service or port-to-port cargo service.

For the former, the cargo firm will pack, shift and deliver things to your new place whereas, for the latter, you would have to pack and supervise some cargo dealings and would also have to arrange for shipping yourself. 

6. Relocation Insurance Is Key

This point is very crucial if you are planning to move outside of the UAE. It may be costly, but in case of damaged or missing things, the company will be responsible for covering the cost. 

7. Check Your Stuff On Delivery

Make sure you check all the packages for any broken things before you sign the firm’s confirmation receipt form. If you won’t be available when the shipment arrives, arrange for someone who can check things on your behalf and then receive them. 

The Bottom Line

It is a common misconception that the highest bidders are the better service providers. Make sure you do not base your selection of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi merely on the rates, dig deeper into the service quality and credibility of the firm.

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