How to Maintain a ‘Green’ Status When Visiting Abu Dhabi?

staying green in Abu Dhabi

Are you planning a trip to Abu Dhabi with the coronavirus still lingering around? Are you aware of all the COVID protocols (including PCR tests) that you need to follow once you enter the emirate? However, if not then you may have a look at this article.

Consequently, you may now know that getting PCR tests done is essential for your own well-being as well as that of the people around you. Therefore, apart from various testing centers, there is also at-home PCR test service in Abu Dhabi available, offered by ServiceMarket. 

Having a ‘green’ status on your Al Hosn app is highly important if you want to enter the capital of the UAE. Therefore, this article will shed light on how you can obtain and maintain this status while you stay in Abu Dhabi.

What Is a ‘Green’ Pass?

It is an electronic document obtained through the Al Hosn App that acts as proof of your vaccination when entering the city. It also helps in verifying the validity of your PCR test result for you to travel freely in the emirate.

How to Obtain a ‘Green’ Status?

  • Firstly, before your flight, you have to register on the ICA App from where you can get a UID number upon entering your passport details once you land. You can also get this number on the immigration counter when you arrive.
  • Once you have the UID number, you can use that to register yourself on the Al Hosn App. For UAE residents, the Emirates ID can be entered instead. 
  • You can then get a green ‘status’ once you get a negative COVID test.

How to Maintain It?

  • Vaccinated individuals who have received their second dose at least 28 days before their flight will have a ‘green’ status for 30 days from the time of their negative PCR test result. However, to stay ‘green’ throughout, you should have a negative test result every 30 days.
  • If it’s been more than 6 months since you got the second dose of Sinopharm, you should get a booster shot to remain in the ‘vaccinated’ category.
  • If a person has an official exemption from getting vaccinated, then they have to take a PCR test every 7 days to maintain the status.
  • Those under 16 will have a ‘green’ pass whatsoever and so, they do not need to get tested.

Perks of Having a ‘Green’ Pass

If you want to trot only between pharmacies and supermarkets when you come to Abu Dhabi then you surely do not need a ‘green’ pass as these will be the only places you’ll have access to. 

However, if you want to truly explore the emirate you need to maintain a ‘green’ status throughout. It’ll give you free access to all the public places, including restaurants, museums, parks, malls, gyms, cinemas, and so on.

Final Takeaway

As mentioned by Abu Dhabi Government Media Office, the authorities put the ‘green’ pass system in place to make Abu Dhabi corona-free and to ease down the restrictions imposed previously. Moreover, it also came in effect to provide a safe space for both the residents and tourists, ensuring public health and safety. 

Nonetheless, to stay ‘green’ throughout you have to take a PCR test after a specified amount of time. To avoid long queues you can get PCR test at your Abu Dhabi home without any hassle.

Consequently, the need to maintain a ‘green’ status inculcates in people how important being vaccinated and regular testing is, which is a step forward in attaining sustainable recovery. So do not let your green pass turn grey and make your trip to Abu Dhabi safe and memorable.

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