How To Stay Productive During An Office Move in Abu Dhabi

moving office in Abu Dhabi

Are you anxious that you might waste valuable time during your office move in Abu Dhabi? Scroll down this blog for quick and clear strategies to stay productive while your office is in transition mode!Β 

Moving offices can be challenging as your relocation scheme can disturb your business activities. Whether you’re a one-person show or leading a large workforce, the following tips can be fruitful when keeping your business active during what is usually a stressful time for any company.

To make your move easier without disrupting your workplace productivity you can hire movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. In addition to hiring movers and packers, the following tips will also prove to be helpful when shifting your office.

Plan in advance 

It is preferable to start planning at least two months before a local move. Whether it is across the corridor or on the other side of the country, any move can be exhausting.

Stay productive during the procedure of local moving by planning beforehand. Fabricate thorough checklists to ensure every task is completed within the deadline. It assists in keeping track of the progress and alerting employees about upcoming changes.

Appoint a team member to make a timetable and be a negotiator between employees and management. Planning will reduce the stress during the transition to a new office.

Prioritize Your Packing

Indeed, packing is a tedious task, but it has to be done. Have a plan in place to make the process go more smoothly.

Categorize your packing, and don’t forget to label each box. Begin early, meticulously; wrap up items like pictures, showpieces, and other minor objects. As the deadline approaches, you may start packing up all the bulky equipment such as furniture and other office supplies. 

Communication Is Key

A lot of people might find it difficult to change places. When planning an office move, it’s important to keep employees informed about the entire process so that nothing comes unexpectedly to them.

You can use several methods to keep communication open at the end of daily meetings, such as including a brief update on what steps have recently been taken towards the move and what would happen next. 

Giving one-on-one feedback sessions to acknowledge any concerns about productivity levels or to assure employees they’re doing a fine job is another good idea!

Notify Your Customers

It is also essential to keep consumers, clients, and vendors informed about your relocation. A workplace transfer may be stressful, and one that isn’t well-planned might leave clients feeling neglected.

It is critical to notify customers of your new location and grand opening date once you’ve chosen a new facility and signed the lease. Send a customized email and post social media updates regularly.

Keep the team motivated

A motivated team will help you move forward efficiently while moving between areas and keeping things smoothly functioning. 

Keep on counseling them and ensure that they don’t get overwhelmed. Focus on the advantages: more space, better aesthetics, location, and better facilities will help you move on. 

Avoid Over-Analysis

When you have decided it’s time for moving, know that shifting to a new place is a major decision, but you can handle it. When you progress through the planning and preparation stages, you may experience a lot of stress as you consider all of the packing and clients to please.

Any big decision will automatically overwhelm you. However, a prosperous business can adapt to changes, including a move. 

Call The Professionals

Hiring a professional moving company is essential in minimizing risk when moving offices, and it saves time and allows you to continue the office activities normally.

Moreover, it is sensible to plan your move over a weekend or out-of-office hours to reduce business disruption.

Arrange Your Network ASAP

What’s more essential than taking care of your existing IT equipment? Be sure that it is unloaded first so your IT team can get started setting up your network right away. In fact, all computers and data cables should be installed and tested before your IT team arrives.


When choosing professional movers, ensure that your moving company is experienced in company relocations. At ServiceMarket, we recognize the distinction between transferring a person’s home and moving their company. That is why we have experienced movers and packers in Abu Dhabi to help plan a smooth office transition.

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