5 Home Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Neglect in Dubai

You must tackle multiple maintenance tasks regularly to keep your home in perfect condition throughout the year. Doing so can also help you avoid major, more expensive repairs in the long term. The experts at Primo Maintenance & Cleaning Services and ServiceMarket have compiled a list of vital home maintenance tasks that shouldn’t be neglected. Put your handyman in Dubai on speed dial and read on.  

Air conditioner maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your air conditioning (AC) unit running at its full capacity. This includes inspection of filters, condenser, coils, fans and more. Any neglect means the system’s functioning will go down and energy consumption might go up. You should also take care of your AC’s repair needs as soon as possible. If you hear strange sounds or notice odors coming from the system, these could be signs of a malfunction and you should call your AC maintenance and repair company in Dubai to take care of it. It is recommended that you get your AC serviced at least 2-4 times a year to keep the unit functioning optimally.

Leaks in the bathrooms and kitchen

Water leaks lead to water wastage, drive up your water bill, and cause damage as well as foul odors. What’s more, plumbing issues can escalate if they’re not tackled immediately and even cause flooding. If you hear the steady drip drip of water leaking in the kitchen or bathroom, or see new unexpected dark spots forming on your walls or ceiling, take notice. Some common areas of water leaks include showers/tubs, toilets, pipes under the sink, etc. Leaks can also cause mold and fixing them requires the expertise of a professional plumber in Dubai.   

Floor and roof repairs

Having a roof over your head is a blessing so make sure it is in good condition. Inspect your roof for damage including holes, cracks, leaks, displaced or missing shingles, rotting, breaking tiles, rust and more. Spotting problems and preventing damage early will save you money on costly repairs later. Likewise, don’t neglect the inspection of your floors. For example, sagging or uneven floors can be an indication of a deeper problem. In rare cases, your floorboards may need to be replaced, otherwise make sure to take care of scratched, scuffed, and dull hardwood floors. No matter what kind of floor you have in the house, it likely requires regular polishing and restoration and it is best to pass this job to a maintenance company in Dubai

Inspect and unclog drains

Drains are designed to collect water, but a lot more goes down them. From food scraps in the kitchen, hair in the bathroom, to the occasional alien item, drains get clogged when gunk accumulates. This significantly slows down the flow of water and is more common when pipes are not cleaned out regularly and lined with years of build-up. Adopt simple measures to avoid clogged drains. Scrape off food from plates, install drain covers to catch debris in the bathroom and kitchen, and use drain cleaners. Most importantly, have your pipes inspected regularly. In case of a clog, call a plumber immediately. 

Electrical issues

Did you just see an electric outlet in your house sizzle in a sinister way or give off a spark. Chances are it is short circuiting which can happen because of a power overload, faulty switches, worn out wires, broken cords, and more. In case of a short-circuiting, do not try to plug anything or fix the problem yourself. Unless you are an expert or a professional, this is best left to an electrician. They can safely resolve the issue and also identify the source of the problem. 

Home maintenance is always easier with the help of dedicated professionals. In case you have any of these home maintenance needs, book your handyman service in Dubai through ServiceMarket, which only lists vetted companies like Primo Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Primo Maintenance and Cleaning Services offers maintenance and cleaning services for businesses and individual property owners in Dubai, UAE. Clients can choose from standard services or send in a customized request. Backed by 30 years of experience, Primo is well-positioned to deliver on client requirements while maintaining the highest quality of service.  

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