10 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Qatar Moving Company

moving companies in Doha, Qatar

You will never hear anyone in Qatar say that moving, whether locally or internationally, isn’t stressful. However, you can make the process decidedly less nerve-wracking by hiring a good moving company. ServiceMarket has created a list of things you should always consider when you are looking for moving companies in Doha, Qatar.

Choosing a Qatar Moving Company


If you are planning on hiring a moving service, you should never proceed without first determining your budget. Once you have decided on a budget, get free quotes from ServiceMarket to shortlist companies that fit your financial plan.


When hiring a moving company, a lot matters on the start and end point of your move. Are you just moving neighborhoods? You can probably find a company nearby. Are you moving to another city? Companies with experience in inter-city moves should be your top choice. If you are relocating to another country from Qatar, you will have to find a reputable shipping company in Qatar instead.


Moving and shipping companies offer a range of services. They might only move your belongings from port to port, others offer door-to-port services. The most convenient ones are the ones that offer door-to-door services. These, of course, charge more than the other two. You also need to look at whether they offer packing services and insurance coverage. If you pack your belongings yourself, a company isn’t responsible for any damage to it in transit.


One of the most important things to do before deciding on local or international moversΒ in Qatar is to do your homework on its reputation. For this, you need to follow the three R rules: reviews, recommendations, and references. On average, do they have positive reviews online? Do you personally know someone who highly recommends them? When the company representative talks to you, are they willing to provide you a list of references? After all, you will be letting this company inside your home and trusting them with most of your belongings. You can also search online for the company name with the word complaint to see if any individuals have had bad experiences with them.


Never trust a company that wants to give you an estimate without conducting a thorough inspection of your belongings. There should be a company representative at your door for a survey of the things that need to be moved. You need to take them around your whole house and point out everything that will be moving with you. You also need to make clear the things you will be getting rid of, whether through a garage sale, donation or simply chucking it in the trash, so you get an appropriate estimate. If these things are still present when the moving company is about to pack and ship your things, there will be a disagreement on the estimate. You don’t want this to happen on the last day so be clear about what will be packed and what won’t.


When a relocation company in Qatar is ready to give you an estimate, you need to ask for a binding estimate. A non-binding estimate means that the company can charge you more later on if they think it is justified. If the company doesn’t offer a binding estimate, you need everything that they might possibly charge you on paper. Besides hourly rates for local moving companies, you need fees for things such as tolls and supplies in the document along with the time it takes for them to drive to and from facilities. Besides these, you need to know about any extra fees that might be charged. This usually occurs when the movers have to navigate a lot of stairs and/or elevators and narrow streets to get your things into the trucks. The document should also list the day and time of pick up and delivery. The document will serve as your order of service and bill of lading. Never, ever accept verbal estimates.


Another important consideration is to only entertain estimates from moving and shipping companies in Qatar that have a license from the local government to do their business. It would be a plus if the company is accredited by an international moving association such as FIDI and IAM. These organizations usually have a blacklist of companies that fraudulently claim to have accreditation from them but don’t.


Moving companies in Qatar that haven’t been in business for long, might be contractors. This means that they don’t have adequate facilities and equipment to move your belongings themselves. Since you have no idea who will be hired to do the job, it is best to avoid such companies. The company you want to hire should provide you its business address and if you get the time, you should go and inspect their facilities. They should have enough drivers and trucks to carry out the task without taking up unnecessary time.


If you are only moving neighborhoods, pick a company that is located near you. This will make it easier for you to check their facility and equipment and also help you avoid costs due to extra driving time. A local company will also know all the local regulations and comply with them.


If you have home contents insurance, your things are insured when they are in the house, but not while they are in transit. So ask all the moving companies you are considering for the insurance coverage they offer. TheΒ moving company should have bodily injury, property damage, and cargo insurance filed. If you are really concerned about your stuff, you should get a comprehensive plan that offers full replacement value protection.

If you keep these things in mind, your move will be hassle-free and all you would need to wonder about is settling in your new home. You can get free quotes from movers in the Middle East through ServiceMarket. You can quotes from movers and packers in Dubai, among other cities in the Middle Eastern region. With access to quotes from moving companies, you can confidently plan your relocation without any hassle.