Dubai Annual Maintenance Contract Versus Handyman by the Hour?

Wondering whether you should just hire a handyman in Dubai when the need arises or take out an annual maintenance contract with a Dubai based home maintenance company right when you move into the house? This guide by the experts at ServiceMarket will help you make an informed decision.

Annual maintenance contract – 1500 – 6000 AED/year

The advantage of taking an annual maintenance contract is that you will be making a fixed payment once a year, which will grant you unlimited priority access to emergency services, in addition to plumbing works and electrical works, AC cleaning and servicing, and window and door inspection, most of which are carried out twice a year at regular intervals. Having these regular touchups is going to ensure that your home, fittings and appliances remain working, and goes a long way in increasing their life.

Annual packages for apartments and townhouses/villas (under 5000 Sqft) will typically start at 1500 AED a year for unlimited call-outs, and free AC maintenance together with annual plumbing and electrical maintenance checks. Depending on the package, you would pay an extra 100-200 AED per hour after the first hour though the higher end packages (2000 AED and above) typically include labour hours.

Finally, apart from the very premium maintenance packages, you would have to pay extra for all materials that are required (lightbulbs, parts, wires, etc.)  The all-in maintenance packages would typically start at 3000 AED a year. If you live in a very large apartment or villa, the maintenance company will make you a custom offer which could go up to as much as 6000 AED / year.

Handyman by the hour – 150 – 250 AED/hour                                           

The advantage of simply hiring a handyman is that you will only be paying for a specialized service when the need arises, so you can be sure that you are getting good value for your money. This also means that as long as your fittings and appliances work smoothly, you do not incur any maintenance costs.

You can expect to pay about AED 150-250 per hour for a handyman in Dubai. Now don’t be fooled, unless you live in a brand new place of very high quality, you should count on calling a handyman almost every other month. On top of paying for the hourly rate, you would also have to pay for all parts separately which can add up if you are living in a Dubai home that has some wear and tear.

On an annual basis, for an average three-bedroom house in Dubai, you can easily expect to pay around AED 1,500 to AED 2,500 per year for handymen services, such as having to repair or purchase spare components to replace worn out/damaged appliances, such as door, refrigerators, washing machines and ACs. If you live in an older community, you can easily add a few thousand dirhams.

And the winner is!

Unless you really live in a high quality home, it is advisable to take out an annual maintenance contract so that you are covered for all basic maintenance and repair required around the house for a fixed charge. However, this, of course, does not bar you from hiring an additional handyman in case there is a certain service that is not included in your contract. Should you require specialized repair work, ServiceMarket can connect you to the most reliable and experience handymen in Dubai. Moreover, our partners will also be happy to make you a competitive offer for annual maintenance contracts so that at any time, you can have expert help at your doorstep in as little as a few hours!

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