Planning Your Move out of Dubai

Time for you to pack up from Dubai and move back home? Use this handy checklist to organize your move out of Dubai and learn easy solutions to all the mandatory and time consuming tasks awaiting you.

  1. Sell invaluable, non-personal and easily replaceable items. When it’s time to pack up and move once more, you’ll realize that you accumulated lots of stuff while living Dubai, some of which you don’t even need anymore. Use Melltoo, Dubizzle or other such platforms to make some quick cash off items you no longer need and save cost on shipping fees.
  2. Something didn’t sell? Donate it or give it away. Various local charities are always happy to accept wearable clothes, toys and kitchenware in good condition. You can also give away your furniture to 800 JUNK who can come pick it up for free.
  3. Know the customs regulations. Before packing your belongings, make sure you know the customs regulations of the country you are travelling to, since some items may be banned or taxable. For example, we often get asked by our Indian clients about shipping electronics and white goods to India.  Electronics are taxed quite heavily, so it might not make sense to take those back with you.
  4. Get multiple quotes from shipping companies. To get the best price and best offer, you will have to shop around for quotes. At ServiceMarket, we can speed up the process for you by putting you in touch with up to 5 trusted international moving companies within 2 days. Remember, when reading a quote, pay close attention to what is excluded.
  5. Ship or sell your car. Unless you have sentimental value attached to your car, it would be worth getting an appraisal for your car and also requesting multiple car shipping quotes. Once you know the estimated price you can get for your car and how much it’s going to cost you to take it along with you, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether it’s worth selling or shipping it.
  6. Transfer your financial assets. Bank transfers take a lot of time and are also expensive – some banks may charge up to 3-5% in additional fees. You can try to save costs by using a foreign exchange companies based in DIFC or currency exchange houses like Al Rostamani. Remember that simply transferring all your savings is not enough, since empty bank accounts also incur service charges that you would be accountable for when you re-enter the UAE or Dubai.
  7. Book your flights. To get good value deals and the seats of your choice, it’s always best to book your flights in advance.
  8. Disconnect utilities and telecommunications. To get your deposit back, you will have to disconnect your DEWA account. This process may involve a number of visits to the DEWA office and can take up to 2-3 days. To disconnect your Du or Etisalat accounts, simply visit their office with your contract, Emirates ID and the equipment provided to you (telephone set, TV receiver, etc.).
  9. Cancel your visa. If you have an employment visa, then you don’t need to get involved in the visa cancellation procedure, since the company will deal with this itself. However, make sure you plan your travel dates such that you leave the country within the 30 day grace period to avoid unnecessary fines.
  10. Say goodbye. If you are leaving Dubai, what better way to say goodbye to the country that has been your home for the last few months or years than to throw a party for your friends and colleagues? If this seems like too much work, get in touch with us at ServiceMarket, and we’ll help you find a cleaning service that can deal with the pre- and post-party cleaning up.

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