Checklist for Moving to a Villa in Dubai Hills

moving to Dubai Hills villa

Moving to Dubai Hills is no less than a dream. Resting in a lush green golf course with a lake upfront is a heavenly treat for sore eyes. And there is a plethora of things that you should be thinking about and taking action upon before arriving at your new place. For your ease, we’ve created a checklist of everything important you need to do to make your move even more smooth.

Checklist of Items You Need to Get Prepared Before Your Move

Book a Moving Company 

The first and foremost is to search for reliable movers in Dubai to assist you with everything. And so, ServiceMarket is here to your rescue yet again. Partnering with the best villa movers and packers in Dubai, it will grace you with a shifting experience like never before.

Book a Deep Clean and Pest Control Service

With COVID still lingering around, getting your new place deep cleaned before your big move has become all the more important. You don’t want your family welcomed by a ruckus of a place and make their first-day memories scrubbing through the floors. 

So make sure that you book the deep cleaning service in time before your move. The professionals will not only sanitize the entire space but will also sweep-clean every possible corner and crevice you can imagine. By steaming the bathrooms and kitchen, you will be treated to a squeaky clean place when you shift.

Apart from getting the space deep cleaned, you should also get it disinfected with any pests that might be available. You don’t want your belongings bug-stricken while sitting in those new cupboards. So, before filling the cabinets and your house with your belongings, make sure to book a pest control service.

Get Your New House Painted

Being an arid region where days are mostly sunny, the paint on the walls tends to fade away due to exposure to sunlight. And so, you should book a painting service before moving to give your new place a fresh look before moving in. 

Choose some light airy colors to make it appear more spacious. The color you choose will not only enhance the look of your space but will also lift your mood and that of your loved ones. So choose it wisely! You can also add in a feature wall to add more character to your space.

Get Your Internet Connection

Owing to the UAE’s vision of developing Dubai into a smart city, companies like Emaar have partnered with du and Etisalat, the two main service providers in the UAE. Being a project of Emaar, properties, Dubai Hills has also collaborated with the two under a program named Taawun. 

So before you shift, ask away your landlord which of the two fiber-optic ISPs is your new villa wired with. You may then call your respective data provider and book an appointment for the installation and activation of the bundle you require. A technical operator will then be at your service within a week. Providing an uninterrupted telecommunication infrastructure to the residents, these companies will keep you on the tip of your toes digitally.

Get Your Gas Connection

Once you’re in your villa, you don’t want to go fetch gas cylinders or light wood like you’re in the stone age. Therefore, before relocating make sure that you have the gas supply at your new place up and running. 

Being one of the key gas supplies for Emaar properties, Lootah BCGas will take care of it for you. So call them up on 800-5224 and get your supply activated. You can either install a central gas system with a separate supply or use the existing distribution network.

Get Your Garbage Collection Set Up

Before moving in, make sure you get your garbage collection set up. You don’t want to hold on to waste and make a pile outside your house. With both general and recyclable bins outside your villa, you can dump everything in there and the garbage collector you choose will take it from there as per schedule.

Get a Gardening Contract 

Dubai Hills is an area very close to nature with its plush velvety bed of grass where the property rests. So to prevent the area adjacent to your villa turn musty brown, we suggest you get a reliable gardening contract before you move in. And also, to give a fresh outlook to your villa, you can even get a new lawn made. Add in a few vibrant flowers, and some gazebos and you’re all set to spend your winter evenings inhaling some fresh air outside.

Final Takeaway

Now that we’ve given you a list of all the things you need to do prior to your move to Dubai Hills, you should immediately get to work. Just tap onto your screens and dial in a few calls here and there, and you’re all set for an official shift. So hurry up, get assistance from the best villa moving companies in Dubai, and let the course of action begin.

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