Dubai to Lebanon: Questions to Ask Shipping Companies in Dubai

Moving from Dubai to Lebanon

If you’re getting ready for a move from Dubai to Lebanon, you probably have a million questions and ServiceMarket is the perfect place to find answers. You can request quotes for international moving services in Dubai with just a few clicks of a button. Instead of researching shipping companies and getting overwhelmed with information; find a handful of qualified companies on one platform and receive explanations for all the queries that you may have. This article by ServiceMarket highlights the things you need to consider before finalizing a shipping company in Dubai for your move to Lebanon.

Questions to Ask

If you need some help with compiling questions to ask the shipping companies in Dubai, refer to the list below:

  • Does the shipping company provide insurance coverage? It’s very important to receive a quote that includes insurance because you don’t want to move internationally and leave your belongings at the risk of breaking or getting lost without getting compensated, if that happens.
  • Did you ask the company to share certifications and international accreditations? These are some of the most essential qualities a company should have. When you confirm they are accredited, you can rest assured that they will be reliable and trustworthy to work with since they have the necessary universal recognition to conduct business.
  • Questions about the quote could vary; Would the cost change if the load was lessened? What travel method should you use for your belongings? Go through any quote you get after checking out ServiceMarket for viable moving company options and note down anything you don’t understand. They are required to answer and provide you with a thorough explanation of each item on the quote.
  • Make sure to ask about inclusions and exclusions. Some of the best international movers in Dubai are quick to include these options, but there are a few that avoid adding them because they don’t have the necessary equipment. When a company doesn’t provide a basic option like bubble wrap for the packing, you should be looking to hire more equipped movers instead.
  • You could always ask the company you want to hire for customer reviews and feedback. They are required to give as many references as you ask for in order to make the right decision. Do your own research and check out what clients have said about them in the past so you can judge for yourself.
  • Ask about any sort of documents you would need for leaving Dubai and entering Lebanon. Arriving to a new home country is a hassle enough, don’t add another issue on the list that you could have avoided all together.
  • Ask whether the movers that will be dealing with your belongings are part-time or full-time. It might not seem like an issue to stress about, but part-time movers are known to be less reliable than those working full-time. It would be a great inconvenience if they didn’t decide to come on moving day when you’re all packed and ready to go. Pay a little extra for the reliability of a full-time team. They also have more experience and know-how in this business.

Next Step

After you’ve gotten the answer to several key questions regarding your upcoming move, you should ask for more detail-oriented explanations about the moving process, including information on what can’t be delivered to Lebanon due to their customs regulations:

  • Do they offer door-to-door services? In this scenario, it means they’ll pick up your items from your Dubai home and deliver them to the door of your new home in Lebanon. This would be the most convenient and ideal service from a shipping company in Dubai, but probably the most expensive. Ask your hired movers about the sister company in Lebanon that will assist you when your possessions get there.
  • Ask if they offer door-to-port services. This is probably a convenient yet economical option to pick as it relieves you of the lengthy process of packing up your home and gives the responsibility to some of the best international movers in Dubai, who are more than qualified to carry out the task. All you would have to do is arrange for a pickup of your belongings from the port in Lebanon to take to your new home.
  • It is worth asking if the international movers and packers in Dubai offer port-to-port services if you are on a tight budget. This is the least costly service as you are in charge of packing up your furniture and items and transporting them to the Dubai port, where they will be moved to a port in Lebanon. The movers you choose will only help with the overall logistics and customs issues so you don’t have to face them yourself.

Good Luck!

When in doubt, just pick up the phone and ask your movers. Share any doubts or concerns to ensure you’re getting the very best care and service and to get through the moving process with ease. There’s nothing out of bounds when it comes to dealing with matters of your home, especially when you don’t understand certain costs on a quote, so don’t be shy and speak up whenever you feel like it.

To find reliable international movers in Dubai, get free quotes on ServiceMarket and read verified customer reviews on licensed and accredited shipping service providers.

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