How to Choose the Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

When it comes to choosing the perfect curtains in Dubai, people often leave the length of the drapes as an afterthought. Many people think that things besides the color, fabric and design of the curtains are just small details that can be sorted out later. But curtain length is actually pretty important when it comes to setting the ambiance of a room. Want to know what will work for each room and window in your Dubai home? Scroll down and read on!

At the window sill

While most curtains are longer than the sill (the bottom part of a window), in some places it makes more sense to keep them exactly the same length as the window. Roman blinds of this length make for the perfect kitchen curtains as their distance from the countertops keep them safe from accidentally catching on fire.

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

Below the apron

Window curtains that reach just below the apron aren’t mainstream fashionable anymore, but have carved a niche for themselves in the β€œindie” scene. Sheer curtains of this length are ideal for short and ocular windows, and seamlessly enhance the look of an art studio. You can also consider using curtains of this length in corridors.

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

Hovering above the floor

Curtain lengths that stop just an inch or so above the floor are an old classic and are great for formal settings. However, adding a few more inches of distance between the floor and the hem of your drapes will look awkward, especially if the trim of your floor moulding isn’t hidden.

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

Brushing the floor

For a crisp, minimalist look, get yourself window curtains that just brush the floor. Drapes of this length are also great for covering up stained wall mouldings.

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

Breaking at the hem

You’d be surprised to know that curtains that β€œbreak” – or bend a little – at the hem are pretty popular these days. These drapes are just a couple of inches longer than it would take the fabric to reach the floor and add a relaxed touch, making them the perfect bedroom curtains.

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

Puddling on the floor

These curtains are much longer than the length to the floor making the bottom of the curtain puddle on the floor. The result is an luxurious look, but the downside is that they are harder to maintain as you will need to clean the curtain fabric which brushes against the floor more often and the puddles need to be carefully arranged so that it does not look messy. And if you have kids and pets, consider forgoing these entirely as it’s easy to trip on them. However, if you want to make the most out of your living room decor, puddling drapery is the way to go.

Right Length of Curtains for Your Dubai Home

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