Self Moving vs Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

Moving Company in Dubai

If the need to move ever comes up, the first and most important question to tackle is whether you should move by yourself or hire moving companies in Dubai? ServiceMarket partners with ISS Worldwide Movers to bring you the answer:

Advantages of Hiring A Moving Company:

  • Movers and packers in Dubai take care of everything involved in a move from beginning to end. Once you inform the company ahead of time about what to expect in terms of belongings and your new address, they’ll be prepared and equipped for your move.
  • You’ll have access to services you didn’t even think you needed like hanging paintings, installing a bookcase, or measuring doorways for bigger items.
  • You can be sure any breakables will be protected with insurance when you hire a moving company in Dubai. There are multiple insurance options that can cover your belongings and guarantee safe arrival to the new home.
  • While moving on your own may seem more cost-effective, there are certain pieces of equipment that movers in Dubai will have that you don’t for the move. By hiring them, you won’t have to buy products you won’t need after the move.

Disadvantages of Hiring A Moving Company:

  • There is a certain level of mistrust between you and your movers, and since they are strangers, it’s not the most comforting idea to be giving them access to your belongings.
  • Without the proper research, you could end up hiring a moving company in Dubai that is very pricey and unreliable. As long as you read reviews and testimonials online and ask the right questions, you can be confident you are making the right decision.

Advantages of Self-Moving:

  • There are no surprise fees when it comes to self-moving. You can rent a van for exactly the number of hours you need it and pay only that amount.
  • In the matter of packing and unpacking, you’re less likely to lose anything since you can see where everything is and where you’re putting it.
  • People can save most of their moving budget by self-moving, which is helpful when you’re trying to cut costs as much as possible during this time.

Disadvantages of Self-Moving:

  • Professional movers can take care of your furniture and fragile items in the proper way.
  • Sometimes heavy lifting can cause injury to you or your family members, as well as damage your household items.
  • You might have to make more than one trip to get all your belongings to your new home.
  • The way you will load your items into your rental truck is quite different than how professional movers would do it. Your appliances might break and furniture could get damaged.
  • You will be more stressed if you have to take care of the move from beginning to end yourself.

ISS Worldwide Movers is a wholly owned subsidiary of Inchcape Shipping Services, forming an integral part of its Cargo Division from six centers within the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. It has a long and successful history as a meticulous quality relocation provider. It prides itself on its in-house industry experts, courteous and experienced operational staff, usage of superior packing material and streamlined systems.

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