5 Things Your Dubai Movers Won’t Move

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For anything to work exactly like you want it to, you usually have to plan meticulously. The same goes for when you’re getting ready to move to your new UAE home. Of course, you’re going to need to book a professional moving service who can handle all the heavy work for you, but there are some things that you’re going to have to take care of on your own. So when you’re making your comprehensive moving checklist and labeling boxes, be sure that you haven’t accidentally packed any of these no-go items:

Hazardous Materials

No moving company will shift any dangerous chemicals or materials – these include gunpowder, gasoline, pesticides and household chemicals, to name a few. Hazardous materials have the potential to react violently if mishandled or when coming into contact with other compounds. And during a move, there’s no telling what can happen if something somehow starts to leak. Moving companies refuse to carry these items with good cause, and you should avoid moving them yourself as well. It’s best to dispose of them safely rather than bring them along or leave them at your old home.


Most movers don’t move food and other perishables over long distances. Special movers can be hired to shift your frozen eatables in refrigerated containers, but we’re thinking you probably don’t have that much in your freezer that you’d want a separate mover for. A more practical solution is to bring along your packaged edibles yourself if it’s a short distance to your new home, or to consume everything by the moving date (you can buy fresh groceries when you get to your house).

Personal Items

Most Dubai movers will pack and transport all your belongings, including your valuables and personal items, like photo albums, jewelry, home videos and music collection. However, if you have any items that you deem irreplaceable, or very expensive items of jewelry for example, then we recommend that you move these items yourself. Most moving companies will not have the right insurance to cover these high value items if they get lost or damaged by the movers, so it’s better not to take the risk. Label these valuables very clearly and separate them from the rest of the items that your movers will be responsible for, so that they don’t get moved accidentally.

Sensitive Electronics

Different companies have different policies with regards to what they’ll move and what they won’t, but some movers won’t touch any sensitive or personal electronics. These include laptops, cellphones and – if you’ve got a secret laboratory – professional equipment. Other movers will move all your electronics, but will ask that you disconnect them yourself beforehand. If you have any large expensive equipment that you can’t carry yourself, then make sure to let the Dubai movers know to take extra care and purchase insurance to cover yourself against any accidental damage incurred to these items. It’s unlikely that your belongings will be damaged, but it’s better to be on the safe side. Whether you’re moving furniture, transporting goods, or need a courier service, a man and van in London can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Important Documents

Speaking of important items, your movers most probably won’t accept any documents, certificates, deeds, stocks, bonds, passports and other official papers that have your name on it. You shouldn’t be entrusting them to your movers in the first place anyway. Keep all your important papers neatly labeled and packed in your suitcase or bag that you’ll carry with you when you move. Be sure to keep them away from other items that will be handled by your movers to ensure that there’s no mix-up and your important files don’t get buried in the clutter somewhere.

For a worry-free move, excellent planning and excellent movers are the two golden ingredients to a faultless formula. Find your ideal movers on ServiceMarket from our wide selection of Dubai moving companies and compare ratings from hundreds of customers. Visit the site today to request free quotes from movers and packers in the UAE!

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