Tips for Choosing International Movers for Your Move to Canada

International Movers for Your Move from Dubai to Canada

Choosing an international shipping company to move from Dubai to Canada doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. There are ways to make sure that you find the best service providers for your needs without having to make a ton of calls or research the internet for days. ServiceMarket provides you with the best advice and tools to help you chose the best international moving companies in Dubai for your relocation to Canada.

Decide on a budget

Moving internationally can cost you a lost of money, and moving to North America can be especially expensive due to the distance. Just the cost of a shipping container to Canada will cost you anywhere from 20,000-25,000 AED. But, there are ways to cut down on this cost while moving internationally. This is why you need to set a budget. If you don’t do your research, decide a budget and put a limit to your spending, you may end up spending thousands of Dirhams more than necessary. Set a budget, look for services within that budget, and don’t go over it.

Decide what services you absolutely need

International moving companies in Dubai offer a lot more than cargo containers. These shipping companies will offer you a choice of three basic services: door-to-door moving, door-to-port moving, or port-to-port moving. Of course, door-to-door moving is the most expensive option out of the three. Before you start looking for a shipping company, you need to know exactly what services you can not do without and what services you will consider an additional perk if they fall within your budget.

International movers in Dubai also offer extra services. These services include packing and unpacking, furniture disassembly and assembly, transit insurance, and much more. Finding the right services for you and making sure they are within your budget will make choosing an international moving company much easier for you.

Look up companies that offer the services

Search international movers in your area and come up with a list of viable service providers. After you settle on a few companies, make the effort to visit the company office to make sure the company is legitimate and professional. You should also be sure to read real customer reviews of the company to be sure of the level of service you will be receiving. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about company credentials and international licensing. ServiceMarket is a great platform which lists the best international movers in Dubai and you get quotes and read customer reviews on it.

Look out for Scams

International moving scams are out there and they are prevalent. Most fraudulent companies either don’t exist, or are not professional in nature. Be sure to make sure the company has a real physical location, is licensed, has international accreditation such as FIDI, has the experience and has equipment that is up to par and branded with their logo. If the company seems unprofessional, it could be a scam. Most fraud by international movers includes giving a lowball quote and then asking for a much higher price after the cargo reaches the destination.

The Quote is Important

To stay away from fraudulent companies, and to make sure you understand all the costs associated with your move properly, make sure you get a written quote. Official quotes from international moving companies in Dubai should only be accepted by you if the companies send someone to survey your belongings before they prepare the quote. Without a survey, the mover doesn’t know exactly what costs to include. For example, if you have a piano but don’t mention it, the quote will be a lot less than what you will really end up paying. This is why a survey is important.

After you receive your official written quote from the international movers, ask for a breakdown of the quote. Know exactly how much each service costs so that you can compare quotes from different companies and so that you know which services you can afford to keep. The lowest quote may not always be the best option, which is why you shouldn’t just compare cost. After comparing your quotes, make sure to compare reviews about the company so that you get the best service.

Keep these Things in Mind

Moving all the way across the Atlantic is a huge step and should not be taken lightly. Make sure you take all measures to be sure that the company is legitimate and responsible. Be sure to get everything in writing and avoid making payments in cash. Always have receipts for everything you pay for and make sure that anything you pay is customary with most international movers in Dubai.

Do as much research as you can before choosing the international mover that will be helping you relocate from Dubai to Canada. ServiceMarket can help you cut down on the amount of research you need to do. We offer you the ability to find the best licensed international movers in Dubai, read real customer reviews, receive free quotes, and even book appointments all with the click of a button.

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