What Documents Do I Need to Rent an Apartment in Abu Dhabi?

documents needed for ejari abu dhabi

Moving to a new city is exciting. However, several things have to be considered when moving to Abu Dhabi. If you are renting out a space in Abu Dhabi, then the next step after finalizing a place to move in is to prepare all the documentation to put the tenancy contract or Tawtheeq into effect.

Documents required to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi

To rent a home or apartment in Abu Dhabi, you will need to bring a few documents with you when you sign your lease. The following documents will be required:

1. A Valid Residency Visa 

Expats moving to Abu Dhabi will need a residency visa to rent a home, according to the Abu Dhabi Government. Visa requirements will vary depending on which country you’re coming to Abu Dhabi from. There are different types of visas you can apply for depending on why you are moving to Abu Dhabi. You’ll likely want to secure a visa before moving to Abu Dhabi so you don’t run into any surprises that can delay your move. 

2. A Copy of Your Passport

Bring a copy of your passport with you for your landlord to keep on file, according to information from the Abu Dhabi Government. It’s a good idea to bring your original passport with you as well, just in case there are any questions about your copy. 

3. A Marriage Certificate

If you are married, you will need to provide a marriage certificate that is attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to live together with your partner. 

4. Your Work Contract or Salary Certificate

You will need to be able to prove your employment status and that you’ll be able to afford your rent. Your employer should be able to give you a copy of a work contract or salary certificate to help you secure a lease. 

5. A Recent Bank Statement

Again, you will need to prove you can afford rent. Bring along a bank statement in case there are further questions about your ability to pay. Abu Dhabi can be an expensive city to live in, so landlords will likely want to feel comfortable renting to you. 

6. Payment

Be ready to pay any required deposits and possibly the first few months of rent as soon as you sign your lease. 

Some helpful tips for renting in Abu Dhabi

1. Your rent expenses may increase

Rent prices are generally high in Abu Dhabi so be wary of overpriced properties. You should shop around and compare prices, or work with a registered broker or real estate professional who knows the city well.

2. Legal documents need to be in Arabic

You will need to have your official legal documents translated into Arabic and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the United Arab Emirates Embassy or the Consulate of your home country. 

If you are planning to move to a new place in Abu Dhabi, this list will prove to be helpful for you. Once you have finalized the tenancy contract or Tawtheeq the next step is to start the actual moving process.

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