What Is a Maternity Nurse and Should I Get One in Dubai?

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The fast-paced universe that we live in today has imposed a surfeit of responsibilities on every individual, especially mothers who often have to make it work without any babysitter. In developed and well-progressing cities like Dubai, the task of taking care of your child gets even more daunting due to the ever-lasting workload and lack of time to relax.

Besides, having no prior maternity experience, new mothers should get all the help they can get. Managing household chores and/or work while cradling your baby can be overwhelming.

That’s where a maternity nurse comes in. Hiring these nurses can make your life a lot easier without having to compromise on the long hot showers you love or the sleeping hours you’ve missed.

Who Is A Maternity Nurse?

Maternity nurses are postnatal caregivers experienced in babysitting newborns while teaching new parents how to look after them.

These babysitters are well-acquainted with the motherly duties and help the new moms in every aspect of baby care.

Be it suckling or bottle-feeding an infant, maternity nurses are well-aware of the tactics to help you feed or care for your baby and give advice about the dos and don’ts of motherhood in Dubai.

They help you conduct all infant care duties, from nourishing and sleeping plans to advising about the usual newborn issues. The added babysitting duties include cleaning the nursery, supporting breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, and laundering the baby products.

You can hire a full-time maternity nurse to work seven days a week for the first eight weeks post the birth of your infant.

Why Should You Hire A Maternity Nurse?

Many surveys worldwide have revealed the level of comfort mothers feel in the presence of a nurse. Their experience in the field is a treat to new moms since they get a partner to share their burdens and talk with.

To learn more about the distinctive benefits of hiring a maternity nurse in Dubai, keep reading!

●      Plethora Of Knowledge And Experience

A maternity nurse is the master of babysitting due to the pool of knowledge and experience she holds. She is a walking source of wisdom for the new mother as she steers through the introductory stages of motherhood.

Such nurses have cared for dozens of babies throughout their careers. Thus, they may be able to help you out with unforeseen challenges of baby care by giving important suggestions and advice.

●      Long Sleeping Hours For Mama

The dark circles you get during the postpartum period are primarily due to sleep deprivation.

A healthy mama bears a healthy baby. Therefore, getting enough sleep is as indispensable as eating and drinking are. Sleeping can help you recover from physical and mental stress, which is substantial after childbirth.

Thus, with a maternity nurse at your service, you can enjoy long hours of sleep while the nanny can feed or cradle your baby to sleep.

●      Identifying The Good Or Bad

Besides babysitting your child, maternity nurses can use their skills and wisdom to look for things that may not be good for your little one.

For instance, they may be able to identify any allergies or disorders in just a glance that may go unidentified by you.

They may spot a lactose intolerance or the early stages of reflux and extend the most valuable advice on handling these problems and making your child as healthy and happy as possible.

●      Sentiment Of Support

During the postpartum period, the female body undergoes several hormonal and bodily changes. Having a supporter alongside you in this critical time can be very soothing.

While you may feel confused by the task of taking care of a tiny human being, having a skilled mentor in the form of a nurse at your service can greatly relieve you of the stress.

The Final Word

The first few months of being a new mom are very difficult, coupled with sleep deprivation it is almost impossible to function without help. If you do not have any relatives to help you out here in Dubai, hiring a maternity nurse is the optimal option.

To help you with the task, ServiceMarket is here to provide you with professional maternity nurses. So what are you waiting for? Book a maternity nurse in Dubai now and catch up on your sleep!

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