Moving in Dubai: A Guide to Avoiding Injuries

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Moving homes is an exciting endeavor, but, also a hectic one! This is especially true when you do all the shifting yourself, which could even lead to minor or serious injuries., in this guest post for ServiceMarket, has put together advice to help you prevent injuries while moving in Dubai.

Type of Injuries You Need to Be Careful Of:

  • Injuries to Back: Injuries to the back can be severe if right precautions are not taken. Everyday activities cause some stress on the muscles, but when strained beyond a limit, they can lead to muscle tear, bruises, cramps or even a slip disk.
  • Injuries to Digits: Cuts, scrapes, and bruises are a common occurrence while shifting objects around. But if adequate precautions are not taken, you could even end up with broken toes and sprained ankles, that may take a long time to heal.

Prevention Pointers

It is always advisable to take proper precautions to prevent any injury to yourself or somebody else when moving out of your current home and into a new one. Hence, it is better to keep in mind these pointers before preparing to move.

  • Lifting Techniques: Proper lifting techniques are essential to support the back and legs to prevent injuries. These techniques include:
    • Bending your knees, not your back before lifting heavy objects and boxes.
    • Wearing a back brace for added support to your back muscles.
    • Avoiding placing heavy objects over the head.
    • Always stretching before and after carrying.
    • Avoiding carrying more than one box at a time
    • Avoiding any rush and walking slowly.
    • Taking regular breaks to avoid over exhaustion and muscle weakness.
    • Refraining from constant bending and lifting to prevent back spasms.
  • Renting/Buying Proper Equipment: Using poor equipment to carry around your things can be extremely unsafe. Make use of adequate gear such as boxes, dolly, carts that can give you easier control while moving heavy objects easily.
  • Clear Away Obstacles: Leaving things scattered around the house can cause accidents. Make sure you:
    • Keep floors clear of trailing wires, loose plastic sheets, and cartons to avoid tripping or slipping.
    • Avoid leaving sharp objects such as nails, glassware and hardware tools in the open.
    • Keep all things packed and organized inside boxes
    • If the floor is wet, make sure you dry it before starting the work to prevent unwanted mishaps.
    • Organize your space and keep all the boxes in one area with the heaviest ones at the bottom.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing: Wearing the right attire can protect you from unintentional cuts and scrapes. It can also provide you with better grip to carry heavier articles.
    • Wear gloves to avoid abrasions especially when working with mirrors or glass.
    • Wear closed, good grip shoes to avoid slipping, tripping or even falling while carrying things.
    • Opt for clothes that cover your body to ensure you are protected from elements such as heat or cold.
    • Clothes that are flexible and breathable help you move freely and work with hefty objects.
  • Keep Children and Pets Away: When dealing with heavy objects, make sure children and pets are kept in a separate room. You certainly don’t want to be worrying about your child’s safety during a move. Moreover, noise and distractions can be stressful during the shifting process.
  • Ask for Help: The shifting process can be tiring if you are all by yourself. Everything from packing to lifting to organizing can be time-consuming. Thus, it is a good idea to either ask for help from friends or family members. Or better yet, call in movers to help you. They are professionals who will considerably speed up the process and ease your stress by taking care of everything for you. If you are looking for expert movers and packers in Dubai, get free quotes or book a service through ServiceMarket.

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