5 Most Popular Wall Finishes for Your Dubai Home in 2022

5 Most Popular Wall Finishes

Sometimes just painting your walls with a different color doesn’t do the trick. You might have to add a few extra elements and textures to instantly transform your Dubai home and complement the decor.

Before you hire a painter in Dubai, do your research about the choice of colors. If you are looking for some out-of-the-box home decor ideas, then be sure to check out some of these popular wall finishes and share them with your painter in Dubai.

5 Modern Finishes You Can Pull Off With a Painter in Dubai

Generally, most homeowners still go with single-colored paint with a matte or gloss finish. These standard combinations have become pretty common. But there are other modern finish ideas you can use otherwise as well. 

Below are five modern and unique wall finish ideas that can enhance the whole look of your room and make it more appealing. 

Marmorin Hydro

Marmorin Hydro is a surface finish with a cement-like appearance. This finish adds a calm gray feel to your walls. Besides the appealing look, another benefit of Marmorin Hydro is that it is water resistant. So, this finish can be a good choice for bathrooms as it will make the paint long-lasting and will also protect the walls. 

Most Popular Wall Finishes for Your Dubai Home

Mithos Lux

If you are a fan of marble cladding and ancient Greece, Mithos Lux can be an affordable choice. You can give the interior of your house a Greek theme just by using this plaster. If you have white furniture, Mithos Lux can go nicely with it. When viewed from a distance, the surface finish does not feel like wall paint at all. 

Top Popular Wall Finishes for Your Dubai Home


Travertine is a rustic finish that resembles natural stone and is quite popular in industrial and rustic dΓ©cor styles.

if the marble-like Mithos Lux does not give your walls the natural stone appearance of your choice, Travertine is an excellent choice. Also, it is more affordable than the stone cladding. 

Top Wall Finishes for Your Dubai Home


Corduroy is a decorative plaster that adds style and depth to a space. The horizontal and vertical lines make your walls appear as if they are coated with fabric. A benefit of this wall finish is that it looks amazing with a variety of colors. You can have this surface finish on both light and dark colors for different themes.

Wall Finishes for Your Dubai Home


Allure is an elegant metallic rough finish that helps add a little bling to your dΓ©cor. The surface finish is compatible with a variety of shades and patterns. The biggest benefit of Allure is its compatibility with different themes and shades. It’s up to you whether you want a funky color with varying intensities of glitter or you want something simpler with metal shiny portions.  

Wall Finishes for Your Home


If any of these finishes fit your liking, you can explain them to a painter in Dubai. All the surface finishes in this blog are some type of wall plaster. So, they are quick, easy to apply, and do not put a huge dent in your wallet. 
To apply these wall finishes, you need an expert who knows how to work with paints, textures, and various surfaces. So, read reviews, get quotes, and book a painting company on ServiceMarket. You will find the service that best matches your requirements and budget.

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