Guide to Finding a Personal Trainer at Home in Abu Dhabi

personal trainer at home

Keeping up with your fitness regime in Abu Dhabi may seem almost impossible. But thanks to a few companies, you can now hire a personal trainer at home. This is very convenient because finding the motivation to go to the gym every day is challenging for some people. Just thinking of changing into gym clothes and making the journey seems exhausting.      

However, when you book an at-home personal trainer in Abu Dhabi you can enjoy your workout sessions from the comfort of your home. 

Qualities to Look For in a Personal Trainer at Home

Before you start your hunt for the perfect personal trainer, try to figure out what kind of trainer you are looking for. A good trainer should have the following qualities:

Passion for Fitness

Unless your personal trainer is fully driven towards achieving fitness goals themselves, they won’t be able to motivate you. Therefore, you need to find a trainer who is very passionate about their job.

Compassion and Empathy 

You cannot carry on with a freelance personal trainer in Abu Dhabi if they don’t understand your situation and temperament. Someone who is compassionate would always motivate you gently to push harder. 

Critical Thinking 

All professional trainers must possess the skills necessary for critical thinking. This is so because at times one might experience an injury during a workout session. Hence, a personal trainer must be prepared beforehand to tackle such situations in order to minimize injuries.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is key and a professional trainer should possess this skill. Having good communication skills helps the trainer give you clear instructions about each exercise.


A personal trainer should be able to fully focus on you and your requirements. They should be able to assess your body properly and consequently make a plan tailored to your needs. Moreover, it is a professional trainer’s duty to make sure their client feels good throughout the session and is invested in it wholeheartedly. 

Where to Find a Good Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi

After you’ve decided on the qualities you would prefer in your personal trainer, you need to start looking for one. You can find one in the following places.


The first place to look for a suitable trainer is obviously the gym if you want to maximise results of your personal trainer. This is the easiest place to find a personal trainer but it is difficult to find someone willing to give sessions at home. Finding trainers at a gym irrespective of whether you opt for a male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, gives you the surety that they are certified.

Gym receptionists can tell you a lot about their trainers like their professional experience, qualifications, and personality. Moreover, they can recommend professionals based on your preferences and personal goals.

Online Portals

If you don’t want to bother going to the gym at all, you also have the option of finding a trainer through online portals. Reliable online portals like ServiceMarket offer a vast variety of services and help you find trainers according to your requirements. Since most personal trainers have an independent business, it makes more sense to find them online. 

Word of Mouth

One of the most accurate ways to find a trainer is through testimonials of their current or previous clients. They can guide you best about the trainer and will give recommendations according to their experience. You could also ask for referrals from friends and family. 


Looking for a personal trainer at home has never been this easy. Because of online portals, listings, and recommendations, you can easily select a trainer of your choice and start your sessions in no time. 

If you’re looking for a trainer, visit ServiceMarket now and hire a personal trainer at home in Abu Dhabi according to your workout type and budget. 

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