How Can I Regularly Exercise at Home in Dubai?

exercise at home

Making time for the gym can be hard when you have a busy schedule. A home personal trainer in Dubai can help you reach your fitness goals. Meanwhile, you can get started with a simple regime of exercise at home on your own with the help of this blog.

These workouts don’t involve any special equipment or space. You can do most of these exercises in your living room. So, prepare your workout playlist and grab your headphones to get started. 

Exercise at Home With These Workouts

When it comes to maintaining health and fitness at home, you need to be self-disciplined and consistent. Start small and increase gradually as it will keep you motivated. Also, don’t go overboard and try everything you find on the internet related to fitness. You can initiate with the simple ones mentioned below: 

1. Squats 


Squats are an effective exercise that can help you burn calories and strengthen your core simultaneously. This workout works on your bones, muscles, and tendons altogether. Therefore, it can benefit you in multiple ways.  

Squats seem easy to perform but people mostly do it wrong. It is important to stand correctly so start with the help of a chair. Place your legs apart in line with the legs of a chair and your toes pointing outwards. Also, straighten your arms in front of you. Lastly, bend your knees and lower back using your hips as a hinge to go into a sitting position on the chair. Stay in the sitting position and then go up to complete a squat.  

Use a chair for the first few days and then you should be able to perform squats correctly without help. Do squats in sets of 12 to 20 repetitions with a break in between to see better results.  

2. Push-ups  


A push-up is another simple yet intense exercise that works wonders on your body. Besides burning calories and strengthening your body, this workout can also help with your posture.  

Push-ups can be quite overwhelming for beginners. Don’t worry, there is an easy approach to getting started. Instead of doing a complete push-up, you can start with knee push-ups. Support the weight of your lower body with your knees and go downwards with your elbows at a 45 degrees angle. After your body gets used to it, you can increase the difficulty by doing regular push-ups. You can start with two sets of 12 reps and increase at your own pace. 

3. Lunges 


Lunges are great for toning your body shape while improving muscular strength. Like squats and push-ups, you don’t need any gym equipment, and you can slowly increase the level of difficulty.  

The simpler and easier version of lunges is the stationary lunges. To do this exercise, you have to stand with one leg forth and one back. Bend the knee of your back foot to the angle that your thigh and ground are parallel to each other. Your bent leg should be supported by your toes. Once you are in the lunging position, stay in the same position for 3 seconds before getting up. You can start with 2 sets of 20 reps.  

You can perform regular lunges after you are comfortable doing the stationery ones. The only difference is that you have to do successive lunges with both legs.  

4. Other Exercises 

It is easy to adapt to other workouts after you are comfortable with squats, lunges, and push-ups. As your range of movement increases, it becomes easier to proceed with more complex exercises. Later, feel free to include planks, pullups, and a workout that involves the use of weights. 

Even with these workout routines, you can take a similar approach of getting used to the form first. Once you are well adjusted, you may increase the number of repetitions and sets. 


Achieving your fitness goals at home is not as hard as it may sound. You do not necessarily have to learn complex exercises or buy expensive equipment at the very start. Consistency in doing exercise at home can do wonders on its own. If you need help, you can always hire the services of a personal trainer at home in Dubai from ServiceMarket. A personal trainer can suggest the best exercises and suitable diet based on your fitness goals.Β 

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