What Does a Home Personal Trainer in Dubai Offer

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Hiring a personal trainer at home in Dubai is always an option if you’re one of those introverts who loathe going to the gym. You might get conscious training among so many other people or you just might not be a gym person altogether. Whichever the case may be, it shouldn’t stop you from following your fitness regime. Simply go for the option of a home personal trainer!     

Before you book a personal trainer at home in Dubai, make sure you’re well aware of what’s included and how much it costs. If you have any queries of the sort, this article is for you.Β 

What to Expect From a Session by a Home Personal Trainer

Now that you are all geared to start your workouts, know what actually happens in a typical session; what is included and what is not. Here’s what you should expect out of a personal training session at home:

Full Body Assessment

A personal trainer at home carries out regular body assessments to check the effectiveness of the fitness regime. This typically includes measurements of body fat, mobility, dietary review, posture, and flexibility. To make sure the training program is working out for you, a personal trainer regularly compares your progress with the previous session. 

Nutritional Plan

Your diet and workouts go hand in hand and a good personal trainer makes sure both are in check. Your trainer designs an entire meal plan according to your body type and goals to help achieve better results. The effectiveness of this nutritional plan is checked in each session. 

Workout Routine

In accordance with your aim to lose or gain weight from your sessions, your personal trainer draws out your workout routine for you in each session. Depending on your body type and health goals, you are advised to start with either cardio, strength training, pilates, or various other exercises. This routine is mandatory in order to develop stamina and strength and improve your quality of life.

New and Improved Programs

Instead of making you follow the same workout throughout the duration of your personal training sessions, your trainer regularly tweaks your routine whenever required. New programs are introduced after a few sessions to allow you to make more progress and to challenge your body. 

Motivational Talks

Oftentimes, people easily get demotivated when results are slow. To overcome that, every personal training session involves motivational talk by your personal trainer. These pep talks are aimed at encouraging you to keep moving and make you believe in yourself and your strength. 

Whether you hire a male or female personal trainer in Dubai at home, their coaching styles will vary. Some coaches are quite rigid and make you work hard for your goals. While there are others who constantly cheer you and follow a more positive approach. Therefore, ServiceMarket offers you the first session as a free trial session.

Fitness Education

Your personal trainer helps you understand what your body is going through in each session and what you can do additionally to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, he/she will inform you why the routine assigned to you is important and how you can maintain it in the long run.

Progress Photographs

While a lot of trainers skip this part, there are others who encourage you to take photographs of yourself in every session to track your progress. This motivates you to perform better in anticipation of improved results in the next session. 


It is up to you to make the most out of your sessions with a home personal trainer and achieve your goals within the expected time period. These trainers not only help you with correcting your posture or assigning exercises, but they also constantly motivate you to not give up. 

If you’re looking to book a home personal trainer in Dubai, visit ServiceMarket and let them know where and when you want your training session including the type of training.Β 

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