How Much Does It Cost to Move Furniture in Dubai?

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Furniture moving can be a taxing task. Fortunately, with numerous companies in Dubai offering these services, it has become more convenient and less daunting. You can enlist the assistance of furniture movers in Dubai and let them do the work for you while you take care of other things. But before making a decision, it is essential to review and compare the prices of furniture movers and packers in your vicinity to select one that aligns with your budget.

Cost of Moving Furniture in Dubai

The cost of moving furniture depends on the number of pieces to be moved. While some Dubai furniture movers provide services for set minimum furniture items, others provide single-piece furniture moving services as well. The starting price for moving furniture in Dubai is AED 199 which excludes packaging. 

The below-mentioned table includes prices for small moves:

Furniture Pieces Baseline Cost
2-3 pieces of furnitureAED 400
4-5 pieces of furnitureAED 500
5-10 pieces of furnitureAED 700

Common Types of Furniture Items and Their Moving Cost

A significant variable that affects the cost of moving is the size of the furniture item you want to move – the bigger the piece, the higher the rate. Most movers charge based on the dimensions of the furniture item. On average, movers charge between AED 75 to 85 per CBM (Cubic Metre).

The table below lists the average cost prices you can expect to pay when transporting furniture within the UAE.

Furniture ItemsAverage Cost 
Sofa/ CouchAED 43 – AED 48
Queen BedAED 113 – AED 128
ArmchairAED 43 – AED 48
Coffee TableAED 11 – AED 12
Desk/ TableAED 38 – AED 43
Dining Table (Large)AED 63 – AED 71
Dining Table (Small)AED 32 – AED 36
Dining ChairsAED 14 – AED 16
TVAED 45 – AED 51
TV ConsoleAED 15 – AED 17
NightstandAED 11 – AED 12
MirrorAED 36 – AED 41

Factors Affecting Movers Prices Near You

Certain factors affect the cost of moving furniture:

  • Distance

One of the biggest factors that affect the cost of moving is the distance to be covered as the cost of transporting furniture is estimated according to the mileage. If the distance between your current location and your new home is short, the charges will be less. 

  • Size

The volume of your furniture is one of the key things to affect the price quotes. It determines the number of workers and the size of the truck or container it requires. To calculate the size of your furniture, the dimensions of each item are measured in CBM.Β 

  • Packaging

While some people prefer doing the packing themselves, others seek professional help. Moving companies also offer packing and unpacking services starting from an additional cost of AED 100. If you hire furniture movers, they are most likely to bring all the packaging material along including corrugated boxes, tapes, gliders, polypropylene straps, bubble sheets, and even moving pads. The cost will vary according to the number of pieces to be packed and the material used.

  • Quantity

Moving furniture can either include shifting your entire household furniture items or just one piece. If you require more pieces to be moved, a bigger transport will be needed and therefore, the cost will increase accordingly. Moreover, since the cost is calculated per piece, the higher the number of pieces, the more the cost will be. 

  • Time

If you require moving more than one piece, you will need more manpower too. The time spent on the move contributes significantly to the cost. More hours will be spent on moving several furniture pieces, hence the cost will increase.


Furniture movers can prove to be a big blessing as they can share your moving burden and help ease the stress of moving. Hiring movers is easy but you should consider a few factors beforehand such as the cost of moving furniture. So, it is essential to search for prices near you and get quotes from multiple furniture moving companies. ServiceMarket can help you connect with the best furniture moving company in Dubai within your budget to make your move easier! 

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